Sunday, March 01, 2009

Welcome Home, Malachi

Yesterday was awesome. Althea, Marty and Malachi came home. Yep, my nephew is home! He is so so so cute. Seriously. I couldn't get over it. Emma just loved him. When we left that night she wanted him to come home with us. He's got the best smile and I love hearing him laugh!

Our plan was to meet them at the airport. I wanted to get pictures of Abby and Claire seeing Marty and Malachi for the first time (Marty and Althea - my mother-in-law - have been in Uganda for two weeks) and of course, we were late. The flight came in at 2:34 pm. We parked the car at 2:36, jumped out of the car, grabbed the girls and ran to the doors, we didn't even put our coats on. When we got inside I handed Mackenzie to Michael got out my camera and had it ready to go as Emma and I ran for the baggage claim area. As we got closer I could see them - we'd just missed the reunion. I was so sad. I felt really bad for letting Abby down and not getting a ton of pictures. But I couldn't feel too bad because I was too excited to see Malachi! I really just wanted to hug him and squeeze him but I was happy to get a high-five. :)

Abby and Malachi at the airport.

Emma getting a high-five, or low-five rather, from Malachi.

Coming up the escalator from baggage claim.

Opening our present for Malachi. He really liked the hat. This is my favorite picture I got that day. I LOVE his smile!

Big sister Claire, Mackenzie, Emma and Malachi. If only Mackenzie wasn't trying to get up off the couch. Emma should've held on to her a little tighter, like she is to Malachi. See the grip she's got on his shoulder? Like I said, she really liked him. :)

We love you Malachi! Welcome Home!


cheryl said...

he is absolutely precious. i seriously got tears in my eyes reading this and seeing his face. i'm so happy for all of you! :)

Marie said...

yea! he is seriously cute. congratulations to all of you!!!!

Renee said...

ohmygosh- he is home!!! YAY!!!!! He is absolutely adorable- congratulations to everyone!!!!

Rebekah said...

YIPPEE!! so glad they made it home! :) he is so sweet and cute! and how fun that the cousins have already been playing and lovin' on each other (or should i say squeezin'?! haha!) :)

Julie said...

This is so sweet! He is beautiful!

rachelmarquette said...

oh what a wonderful feeling for your family! congrats to everyone! he does have a great smile! looks like there will be a lot of cousin stories to come!

Annie said...

Congrats to your family! How cute all the cousins are together :)