Thursday, March 12, 2009

Easter Dresses

Yesterday my mom and I went to the outlets. I found the girls' Easter dresses at Carter's. I love Carter's. The store was filled with fun summer clothes. I easily could have bought each girls a dozen outfits. I'm definitely going back to get an adorable white and blue dresses with fish on it for Emma, cute short-sleeve tunic and copped leggings outfits for the girls, and must-have pajama sets.

These are the Easter dresses along with cropped sweaters. A must-have in Ohio since you never know if Easter will be sunny and warm, rainy, or even snowy. My requirement for Easter dresses is they be be nicer than everyday play dresses, but not so fancy you can't wear them to church each week or for some other occasion. Personally, I'm not into super frilly dresses, but that's just me. These are perfect.



My mom got the girls these outfits. They had so many cute shirts and tanks with shorts and capris to match. Perfect play wear. Iinexpensive but holds up very well.
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Marie said...

i LOVE them! i did not see anything that cute when i was just there. boo.

Missy said...

awwww- I may head out there tomorrow. These are so cute! I am the same way- don't like all that organza and sequence. Also like the idea of wearing them again and again. I love me some leggins and tunics! Can't wait!

Susie said...

I have the same philosophy on Easter dresses- but my mom couldn't resist this year. It's all good! These are adorable- I forgot how cute Carter's summer dresses are since it's been so long since it's been warm.

darcy said...

ADORABLE! So, so cute. And I'm happy you posted some pages! I've been missing my Erin pages!!!