Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Twelve in '12

So, obviously it's been a couple months since I've blogged. But I'm back (at least for today!) with my resolutions for 2012.

Here are twelve things I want to accomplish in 2012.

1. Run 500 miles. This is my friend Melissa's challenge. I strongly dislike running and I'm hoping this makes me at least hate it less.

2. Run a 5K. I ran the 3.5 mile leg of the Akron Marathon Relay back in September, but I'd like to do an actual 5K.

3. Write down the 52 books I'll read in 2012. I'm fairly certain I read at least 52 books last year. Our library has a 52 Books challenge, but I could never remember to enter them online.

4. Learn to use my camera. Right now I pretty much keep it on P, but I'd like to learn more. No, I need to learn more. I need to get the most out of my camera, and take the best pictures I can take.

5. 52 Projects with my girls. I'm planning on doing one project a week with my girls, and creating a mini-album documenting them. These might be cooking, baking, crafting, an outdoor adventure, or something else I haven't thought of yet. So much of my time is spent with Ryan that this will be a fun way to spend more time with them.

6. Project Life. SO excited to start this!

7. Take my videos from over the years and turn them in to movies. Must learn video editing.

8. Control the clutter. I'm a pack rat. Enough said.

9. Monthly family photos. I want to take one the 12th of each month.

10. Read the New Testament/spend time each day reading and studying my Bible. I have quite a few books I want to read, a couple which are Bible studies, that have been sitting on my nightstands as well. Must finish Crazy Love.

11. Six dates with my husband. We don't do this enough. Like never.

12. A Month of Thank Yous. My Bible study is doing a month of thank yous in January where we write a note each day thanking someone for something they've done or the impact they've made in our lives. This was inspired by the book 365 Thank yous and I'm really looking forward to this. There are so many people who impact our lives and I want to acknowledge and thank them. So far I've written notes to my husband, my mom and my high school keyboarding teacher, Mrs. Arndt, who taught me how to type.

Happy 2012!