Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A few incidents

So last night I put Emma to bed and it took her a while to go to sleep. She was jumping and talking and would fuss a bit. She finally fell asleep and then around 9 she starts crying. It turns into a freak-out cry so Michael heads upstairs to check on him. I hear him open the door, then I hear "Is there a reason you left the light on?" Oops. No wonder she couldn't fall asleep. She probably either thought I just put her in there to play or I was gonig to come back in and get her since the light was left on. Poor thing. I felt awful. No idea why I didn't turn off the light.

Emma has a thing for bathrooms. She loves them. And she's discovered toilets. And sticking her hands in the water. And throwing things in the toilets. This afternoon, she threw my library book in there. I'm hoping it dries out so I don't have to buy a new one. The toilet was clean, in case you're wondering. :)

We've had some issues with eating. Mainly, she decided she didn't want to eat anything that wasn't some sort of bread/dough. She'll eat pizza, PB&J sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes, rolls, get the idea. She even quit eating fruit. This is what happened when I tried to get her to eat some chicken and veggies.

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She finally ate some fruit yesterday and today. Still no on the veggies. It's kind of annoying, I'll have to say!

Here are a couple pictures of Emma from last week. Her "1" shirt is the last in a set. I'm going to frame all four pictures (3,6, 9 months and 1 year) eventually.

Michael's mom got her some hair clips. Too bad they don't really stay in. But they're cute. Hopefully one day she'll have enough hair to hold them!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

1 year pictures

Thursday, me and my mom took Emma to get her 1 year pictures. I'll admit I was a bit nervous. Emma was fussy when we got there and was VERY wary of the photographer. Not really like her, at all. But eventually she warmed up and we got some really cute photos. These are two I chose:

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She's walking all the time now. It's so awesome. She still crawls some, but she definitely walks more. It's the cutest thing. When she started walking on her birthday, she had to be coaxed with a toy. It's amazing in just over a week, she no longer needs coaxing, she'll just walk all over on her own. And she laughs! She thinks it's so fun and is so proud of herself. She's taken quite a few spills, of course. But nothing too bad yet. I'm waiting for the big cut/bruise though, I'm sure it'll happen!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

She's one!

Today Emma is one. Wow. A year ago today I was in the hospital and I was probably sleeping thanks to the epidural. And if I was awake, then I was thirsty and wanting a Dr. Pepper and VERY hungry! At 10:44 pm she was born via C-section - about time! ha ha!

Last night we went to CiCi's for a little pre-birthday/Valentine's Day pizza. I could've picked any restaurant I wanted, and yes, I picked the pizza buffet. :)

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Today, we took lunch to Michael at school. Emma was a little fussy at times since she didn't take her morning nap. Apparantly, she knows it's her birthday and was too excited to sleep. We haven't been there since she started walking (either with her walker or on her own) and the desks were perfect for her to walk with. She walked from desk to desk with ease and really seemed to enjoy herself.

She played with her new Elmo bath toy! (Thanks Stef, Bryan and Julia!) We all watched like it was the most exciting thing ever, ha ha! She just kept knocking it down over and over again.

Here Emma is with Maggie (thanks for the adorable dress, Mags!)

And with Kelli

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We had a party!

Saturday was Emma's first birthday party and it was so fun! We had an Elmo party - Elmo plates and napkins, cake, balloons, hats. Lots of Elmo. Emma seemed to enjoy here cake. She didn't go crazy with it, she actually seemed quite serious about it. But Michael got a big smile out of her when she was done. :)

Everyone was so generous, she got so many fun gifts. Lots of cute clothes, her first puzzle, a piggy bank toy, books, a Weeble castle and a bounce/jumping Zebra. I know I've forgotton some things, but you get the idea. :)