Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Missy and Felicia came over to scrapbook Friday night. Lots of fun. I didn't even finish one page though.

2. This is what happens when 1., you let your 3-year-old have at the craft closet to make a "surprise" for Daddy and 2., your 16-month-old dumps out the box of foam shapes/pipe cleaners/beads all over the floor. I'm pretty sure she ate a bead.

3.My mom's cake. Aren't the polka dots cool?!

4. I found a babysitter. Yay!

5. They're now limiting the number of people who take Zumba to 30. Not yay. The Tuesday night Zumba class averages 40 - 45 and one night had 65 people in the class. I can't show up an hour early to guarantee a spot. It's going to be annoying if I get there and it's full.

6. Okay, so being friends with Michael W. Smith on Facebook is awesome. He posts pictures all the time. And last night, a clip from the opening of his concert that night. when he started singing I got chills. He'll be here Wednesday night. I wish I could go see him. He puts on amazing concerts.

7.Have you watched the new show Castle? Love it. I think if you like Bones, you'll like Castle.

8. Have you ever hit send and then wished you could take it back? I've done this, usually when I hit reply all and didn't mean to or vice-versa. If you have Gmail, you can now do this! If you go to Labs you can see all the things Google is trying out and you can use them. One of them is the undo. Once you send an email, you have 5 seconds to hit undo and the email comes back as a draft. How cool is that?!

9. I have my mom's homemade spaghetti and meatballs cooking and it smells really really good.

10. Emma is taking ballet at my friend Missy's studio. It starts Thursday. She looks so stinkin' cute in her "ballet dress" as she calls it. I'm very excited, hopefully she'll listen better than she does at swim lessons. Mis, do you do timeouts? lol! Because Mandy, her swim instructor, does! :)


Missy said...

Ok lots to comment on!
1. 3 pages for me on Friday! So fun!
3. That cake is AMAZING!
4. Babysitter for?
5. Sorry about that. Our gym only lets you get a tag for Zumba 15 minutes before.
6. I'm gonna request MWS as a friend!
9. Can I have some? No one likes pasta here:(
10. It's a lot safer for 3 year olds to explore a dance classroom than deep water. We'll let them be free for a bit. We also change activities really quick when they start to stray! No worries!

Katy said...

I looove Castle, it's on the same time I do dh's physical therapy..

homemade spaghetti is now on the list for next week.. :)

Marie said...

that cake is SO COOL!!!

darcy said...

were you singing Bon Jovi again at the crop? Last crop I was at with ya I don't think you did a page either! You crack me up!!!

Maria said...

That cake looks amazing! Oh man, I would LOVE an 'undo' for sending emails you with you hadn't.