Friday, February 27, 2009


Emma's bathing suit arrived today, thank goodness. Now she won't have to take swim lessons naked.

She loves it (although you can't really tell from that non-look of excitement on her face) and wanted to wear it, of course.

Here's a question for you: See the tiny little package that is her bathing suit? Why does it need to be shipped in such a big bag? And does it really cost $7.95 to ship that little itty bitty 3T bathing suit? Granted, I got free shipping, but it would've been $7.95 if I didn't have the the coupon. I don't get shipping based on price. Last week the suit was on sale for 24.95 and shipping was 5.95. Then it went off sale and was 29.95 with shipping at 7.95. It's the same bathing suit! Same size! Why does it now cost more to ship? Makes no sense to me.

Happy Weekend!
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Renee said...

what a cute suit!! and yes, packing makes me crazy!

Renee said...
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Susie said...

That is one adorable suit! I always get upset over the price they make you pay for shipping from online orders, too- I usually try to google a discount code or something if that's the way I'm ordering. Discount cancels the shipping rate or something like that!

Missy said...

I love this one and I was going to get it for maya. She is adorable in it!