Monday, January 21, 2013

Project Life freebies

So, I know I said I was not going to get sucked in to a ton of free printable journaling cards for my 2013 album. And I’m not. Really. But I have come across a few must-have freebies that are too great not to share.
First up, are these weekly circles you can use for your weekly date cards. My plan for this year is to stick with the same basic format for each weekly date card to speed up the process. I’ve finished the first two weeks already but now that I’ve downloaded these, I’m going re-do the date cards using these and continue with them for the year. They’re made to match the Seafoam kit, which I’m using, and are awesome.
Source: September Blue blog
And then tonight on Pinterest, I saw these winter filler cards. The temperature this week is going to get down to 13 degrees, and that’s not with the wind chill, so I’m thinking these cards will be a perfect addition to the week.

Source: Leslie Miller blog

And lastly, these tags by Angie Blom. Cute to add to photos or blank journaling cards.

Source: Angie Blom Designs blog

And now, it’s time for me to do some printing and cutting.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Want a peek?

It’s time for the February gallery sneak peek!
feb2013 sneak
Be sure to head over to February 1st for the gallery reveal. And if you head over to our Facebook page you’ll find links for more sneak peeks from our team members.