Monday, August 22, 2011

11 months. (10 and 9, too)

Totally slacking on the monthly Ryan updates. I do have pictures now though.

11 months old. We were at Grove City College Saturday and I took these on a bench outside one of the buildings.

He kept yelling. Happy yelling. But yelling and not smiling. Also, he wouldn't sit still for very long.

Instead he made his way over to the side.

@ 11 months, Ryan is adorable. Of course. Crawls fast. Very, very fast. Pretty much wants to just go up and down the stairs all day long. He stands and can bend down and pick something up without falling but so far doesn't try to walk on his own. He will walk with the push-walker though. He discovered he can throw and therefore does so repeatedly. He loves food. Really. You wouldn't believe how much this kid eats. Still taking a bottle, but I'm reducing the amount in the anticipation of being formula-free in less than a month. We call him Grabby-Grabby. He takes everything.

10 months. 7/19/11 @ what used to be Jellystone Campground. Michael and the girls were in the lake and Ryan and I hung out in the shade. No sand for us, as he would've most certainly eaten it.

@ 10 months. First stitches. That's about all I remember at the moment. Must go back through photos and rack brain for more milestones/stories of note.

9 months. Well, technically still 8 as I took this the night before. But no photo from the day he turned 9 months or the days after have him sitting still like this. Too busy exploring.

@9 months. Cute. Skinny. (although I didn't necessarily notice it at the time, he's very skinny compared to the food-chowing baby he is now.)
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's all about the diving board now.

So last week at the pool, Emma decided she was going off the diving board. Something we'd been encouraging her to do all summer since we knew she could swim the distance required to do it. But she wouldn't. Then Monday, there were a lot of friends there, friends who were telling her she could do it and that she was a great swimmer, and apparently she just needed to hear this from them instead of us, because she did it.

Well, if Emma was doing it, Mackenzie wanted to do it too. She needed some practice though. So Michael worked with her, having her jump in off the side and then swim to the end to make sure she could swim far enough to get to the ladder. Once she could, it was her turn to go. This is one determined 3 1/2 year old we have!