Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Barbie Makeup

My friend/neighbor Beth and I trade babysitting often - haircuts, dinner, running errands alone. We've also got something going I call the switcheroo. Once a week (as long as we're both up to it and have healthy kids) we pull a switcheroo (not sure why I call it this) where she'll bring Jack and Caroline over, I'll watch them while she works out, then she'll come back to my house and stay with the kids while I work out. The next week, we'll go to her house. It works out really well. We both have a class we like take in the evenings, the times work out where there's no overlapping, and the kids love playing together. And Emma, well she loves it even more because Caroline has a Barbie make-up kit.

Beautiful. :)
PS, notice the Christmas dress? She saw it in the tub of clothes I keep in her closet, when she outgrows something or it's out of season, I toss it in there. Once she saw it, she had to wear it. I'm pretty sure she work her snow boots with her PJs that night, too.

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Rebekah said...

yay for friends/neighbors! that's awesome that you guys have been able to work that out with the kids. and LOVE the makeup photos. lol. you've got a real artist on your hands. :)