Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Grady and the Owl Robeez

Mackenzie has a pair of owl Robeez that she loves. She really does. She'll go get them and bring them to us because she wants to wear them. She'll try to put them on herself. She'll carry them around. She loves them.

Last month I was at my sisters when Shelby and I left to run some errands. My mom was there with the girls while my sister left to pick up my nephew. When we got back, Tara was home and asked me if I wanted Mackenzie to have sandals. Yep, Grady (a yellow lab puppy) ate an owl shoe.


Apparently, my youngest niece change Mac's diaper and didn't put the shoes back on, just put them up on the couch. You think they'd be safe. But Grady knew they were there and when no one was looking he jumped up and snatched them!

But it's okay, he apologized.

(note that was enclosed with the new pair of owl Robeez)
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Susie said...

These are so cute- glad you got a replacement! it's such a shame the owl craze happened after my baby phase. Darn it.