Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. It was my Mom's birthday Saturday and we went out to dinner. Since we were meeting in the middle there instead of going to her house, Tara brought along the cake. There were polka dots airbrushed along the sides of it. So cool. I took a picture. But my camera is upstairs so I'm not posting it just yet. I will later today though.

2. I'm on a search for a local babysitter. We have great girls that can babysit for us from Michael's school. It's just not that convenient when all I need is someone for an hour and a half, like for Zumba. But my neighbor found me a girl who lives down the street, it's one of her son's friends. I'm going to call today, hopefully it'll work out.

3. I just read, for the first time, Where The Wild Things Are. I got it at the library for Emma. How is it I never read this book? It's pretty cute. Did you see they're making it into a movie?

4. Speaking of the library, I have to call or stop in there soon. Two books I returned are still showing up on my account. I know I returned them. And I'm sure they're there. A CD I turned in the same time as the books didn't come off my account either and I found it on the shelf.

5. So I started a new blog. Not to replace this on though. It's going to be my workout/eat better/lose weight/I'm dreaming blog. There's a link over on the right.

6. Sunday I took the girls to my sister's for a Pampered Chef party. Michael stayed home, not sure when the last time was he had the house to himself. But he surprised me - when I got home he'd cleaned the house! The toys were all picked up, dishes washed, it was so awesome. Thank you husband!

7. So I need to finish my December Daily album. I scrapbooked some this weekend, got a couple pages done. But now I've decided nothing else until the album is done. So either, it'll get finished, or I'm done scrapping for a good while. :)

8. I need highlights. It is spring, ya know.

9. I'm friends with Michael W. Smith on Facebook. Okay, okay, so he totally doesn't know who I am. Still, it's pretty cool to see what he's up to. (For the record, on his website they had links to his profiles on FB, My Space, etc for people to be his "friend")

10. 24 was really getting annoying. But last night ending made it a little less annoying. At least until next week. When I'll get annoyed all over again. Jack just needs to wear a sign around his neck that says "I'm Jack Bauer. Super Hero. Loyal to the United States. Regardless of what happens, I'm not a bad guy, not a traitor, and what I'm doing always works out on the end. Just trust me. PS, I know some of you around me are bad guys acting as good guys and I'll figure out who you are so just quit now." Then, I wouldn't have to be annoyed at all the spies, people blaming things on him he didn't do, etc.


Anonymous said...

hey I love your 10 on tuesday and the new blog! OMG - twilight - rent it you won't be disappointed. I can totally see 3 more movies. I told my husband it's like harry potter but for girls. I must order the last 2 books from amazon - our library's waiting list is long and I want to know how the story ends! does edward make bella immortal? okay don't tell me...but i know he does

Rebekah said...

ummm...still no cake picture?! lol! :) hope the babysitter works outs...yay for the library, boo for bad accounting...going to comment on your new blog...way to go michael!!...and i hear ya on the highlights, i've gotta make a hair appt. but i'm too lazy! :) xo.

Missy said...

Number 9- WHAAAT! That is really cool! Oh- and you're not done scrappin. You can finish the December album. I am free Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night....how bout you?