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Monday, September 27, 2010

So, I was at church last Sunday when... water broke. But I didn't realize it for it was no big gush of water like everyone talks about. I know, looking back, really stupid of me. I called my doctor when we got home and he told me to head to the hospital to get checked out. Naively, at this point, I still thought I'd be coming home. I did throw some things in a bag "just in case" but I certainly didn't do a thorough packing job. The girls went across the street to Beth's and we headed to Marymount.

Here's what turned out to be my last picture pregnant with Ryan, taken in the hospital parking lot around 2:30 pm.

I soon found out that yes, my water broke and yes, I was going to be having a c-section that day. This was totally a surprise to me. Emma was 9 days late and Mackenzie made it to her scheduled c-section date 6 days before her due date. I thought there was no way I'd ever go early. I'd thought I had the whole next week to get the last few things done on my to-do list, to have a special day out with the girls, to get some errands done, to just rest. But Ryan didn't want to wait any more and he was coming 11 days early, 9 days before his scheduled c-section. Finding out he was going to be born this day was exciting. Not so exciting was the fact that because I had eaten lunch - since I didn't really think my water had broke - I had to wait 8 hours from when I ate to have the c-section. Which was 9:30 that night. Which meant I got to hang out in that hospital bed for 7 hours.

About 9:30 I walked down to the operating room, got my spinal and shortly after Ryan Michael was born. September 19th, 2010. 10:02 pm. 6lbs, 12.3 oz and 19 inches long. Absolutely beautiful.

Holding him for the first time in recovery, around 11:45 that night.

Monday Michael brought the girls up to meet their brother. Love at first sight for sure. They were fascinated. We took our first picture as a family of five. This, for the record, was not easy.
I stayed until Wednesday night and the girls were so excited to have us home. I've had great help from my mom and mother-in-law both with entertaining the girls and taking Emma to school and other errands since I can't drive yet. Hoping I get the all-clear for that on Friday at my check-up. And now it's time for more snuggling with my cute little ten-day-old. :)
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh the power

Marie Taylor here-Erin has given me permission to hack her blog to give you some very, very exciting news. Erin's water broke unexpectedly yesterday (despite the fact that she did not have everything done on her list ;) and she had the baby!

Ryan Michael Sweeney
6 lbs. 12 ounces
19 inches

I am SURE she will have tons of pictures for you soon but as I can't leave without leaving you one (showing just how excited I am) Yup-that's what friends are for. CONGRATULATIONS Sweeney family!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

37 Weeks

37 weeks along = 20 days to go until the boy is here. I'm so ready for September 28th and the c-section. Everything is pretty much ready for the boy to arrive, meaning all I've got is one more load of his clothes to wash and the valance to hang when it arrives. Therefore were he to arrive early, I wouldn't panic. Well, I wouldn't panic that we weren't ready. I would be panicking because I do not want to go in to labor, thankyouverymuch. I want to go to the hospital at 5:30 on a Tuesday, sit in a bed for two hours, then get up and walk in to the operating room and magically have a baby a few minutes later. The going in to labor thing would be an entirely new experience, and one I'm good with never having experienced at this point!

Sunday my sister-in-law Abby took some pictures for me. I took a couple the beginning of last week, but other than that it'd been 4 or 5 weeks since I'd had a belly shot. I've gotten much larger in that time, which I'm reminded of because people tell me when they haven't seen me in a couple weeks. Memo to self regarding pregnant woman - don't tell them how much bigger they've gotten.

36 weeks, 4 days:

Nothing too exciting going on pregnancy -wise though. Check-ups have been fine. Baby looked good at my ultrasound last week -he was about 6lbs 3 oz and not cooperative. He is still moving around like crazy. I'm still feeling pretty good, but definitely getting slower. Still working out, although at this point I could go without the exercising and be fine with it. But I've made it this far so I refuse to stop. My plan is work out through the Friday before my c-section.

The dumb Restless Leg Syndrome is getting worse as it's now bothering me during the day. Back pain. Hip pain. Same old stuff. Nothing serious. Nothing I should really be complaining about, just normal pregnancy stuff. As I've said before, compared to the girls' pregnancy, this has been a piece of cake. I thought I was going to miss out on the cool dark line down the middle of my belly but in the last week it's started to show up. Faintly, but it's there.

I've been cleaning and organizing like crazy, trying to get through my massive to-do list. Most of it is nothing that has to be done before he comes, just stuff that would be nice to have done. But if I don't get to it, I'm not worried. Today I checked off spray-painting picture frames, cleaning out the bathroom drawers and the silverware drawer.

And with that, I'm heading back to the floor (my least favorite place to sit at this point) to continue sorting through boxes of crap in my scrapbook area. Cards, keepsakes and junk. Lots of throwing away going on and it feels good. And looks much cleaner, too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

33 weeks

33 weeks today. Technically 7 weeks to go, but waiting on the hospital to call to schedule my c-section. It'll be nice to have a date on the calendar; to know. To maybe use it to get Michael to commit to a name. :)

Still feeling good. The swelling still isn't too bad, some days my feet look worse than others, but overall I don't think it's anything anyone would notice. Went to boot camp Monday...where I sat and watched everyone and yelled "go team!" when they were doing sprints. I did participate in step class yesterday. And based on how sweaty I am and how red my face is, I'd say I'm getting a really good workout in. Although I always get at least one look each week like, "what are you doing here?"

Adding leg cramps (which actually I've had but left off my list on the layout below) and reflux to my list of pregnancy fun. It's a bit annoying to not be able to bend over with the reflux kicking in. But it could be worse, it could be heartburn. Or carpel tunnel. So far that hasn't come back. Fingers crossed. At my appointment last week I had actually lost a pound since my appointment two weeks prior. I was good with that considering at that appointment I'd gained 4 pounds in two weeks.

The boy has had the hiccups lately. Emma had them all the time. Mackenzie never had them. But in the last week he's started to get them, maybe 3 or 4 times now. Makes me smile each time.

The girls room is done except to hang some pictures and the transition to them sharing a room could not have gone smoother. Next, on to the boy's room: bedding, paint, organizing, cleaning, getting the baby gear down, clothes put away, just getting ready. The next 7 weeks are going to go fast.

Lastly, two recent pregnancy layouts from Write.Click.Scrapbook. I'm determined to get some pages in his section of my pregnancy album. I think he's tied with Mackenzie at 3 right now. Emma? Oh, maybe twenty or so.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

@ 29 weeks

As of today, I've hit the 29 week mark. 29 down, less than 11 to go.

(Photo taken this morning by Missy. Hi Mis!)

I think this is my new favorite pregnancy picture. Though I might just be liking it because I used PW's 70's action on it, though.

(Picture from 7/8, 28 weeks and 1 day. Taken while camping. Yes, camping. But more on that in another post. Thanks, Amanda.)

I certainly can't complain about this pregnancy. Granted, it was a bit rough in the beginning with the morning sickness. And even though I still had some days with a heck of a lot of throwing up, even while on the highest dose of Zofran I could take, it wasn't nearly as bad as it had been with the girls. For the most part, the Zofran kept the majority of puking away and left me with just constant nausea, and of course, other side effects that sucked all on their own. But, by 14 weeks it was completely gone and I felt better than I knew I could feel while pregnant. It was amazing.

And now at 29 weeks, for the most part I still feel great. Sure, there are some aches and pains, but those are to be expected at this stage - ligament stretching, hips hurting at night, some lower back/hip pain that I usually get when I've been sitting on the floor. My feet are starting to swell a bit. The Restless Leg Syndrome is back, although not to the extent it could be. The always strange skin tags. And I'm hot. The 90 degree temperatures have not helped one bit. But the pool and AC make it bearable.

I passed my glucose test, thank goodness. I don't know that I could've drank that disgusting orange beverage again.

My weight is good, although I'll admit to having 7 lb gain one month, followed by a 2lb month, then a 5.5 lb month. But I'm only at about 20.5 pounds gained right now. It's amazing how much more you can eat when you don't have to worry about throwing it back up. And I've been hungry. Really hungry. And eating lots of Tootsie Rolls. For some reason I can't resist them...although that's not so far from the norm for me!

I'm still working out, some weeks I get to the gym a lot (5 days the week before last, 3 days last week) other weeks not as much (probably only Friday and Saturday this week). Working out has been hard for me. Not so much the physical part of it (although my swelling feet making my feet go numb after too much cardio is a bit of an annoyance) but the fact that I can't work out like I want to. I actually get jealous seeing my friends really push themselves to the limit when working out, knowing I can't right now. Step class is my new best friend at the gym. I can do all of it but the ab work, and it's pretty much the best workout I can do right now. Otherwise, it's Zumba, lifting, cardio on the Precor. I quit running when my belly bouncing started bothering me. Some women run while pregnant and it doesn't bother them, but I don't love it enough to do it right now.

Baby boy is crazy active. He loves to be nestled up on my right side, right in my ribs. Which is why I often find myself stretching out to the left to get some relief. Thursday was the first time I could feel a body part poking out of my belly. He kicks a lot, most often early in the morning (7am-ish) and at night (like right now).

No name picked out yet, although we each have a name we like. The girls are still excited. Emma still randomly tells people I'm having a baby boy, even people that know (friends and family) and that she's told before. They both love to tickle the baby. So far they haven't felt him kick, but not for lack of trying. He always stops right after they put their hands on my belly.

Lastly, 28 weeks through Emma's eyes.

If you actually stuck around to read all that, thanks. Even though I swore I'd do a better job at recording this pregnancy, I haven't. So this post was my attempt to make up for my lack of memory keeping. Poor #3, already getting the shaft!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Boy or Girl?

So I started drinking my water about 8:15 this morning. I just want to say that no one should have to drink 64oz of water at one time. By the time I was having the ultrasound, I was in pain. I now understand why small children pee their pants.


Hello little baby.

What does that say?

It's a...

Which meant I had to pick these up this afternoon.

A few things:

1. I think my husband might be in shock.
2. Emma, who has been saying she wants a boy for weeks, changed her mind, started to cry and said she wanted a girl. This was after she got excited it was a boy.
3. Then she got excited all over again and said she wants to name him Ryan. That's my choice, too, but we'll see what Daddy picks.
4. When we told Emma it was a boy, she said, "Now Daddy doesn't have to move out of the house!" Just once he said if it was a girl he was moving out, and she has not forgotten!
5. We're going to need to do some serious shopping, since our house is currently filled with all things pink, purple, tutu, princess and baby related. My sister is going to be all over that.
6. Based on measurement, due date is 9/25. We'll see what my doctor says at my appointment next week, whether he keeps it 9/30 or moves it to 9/25.
7. We're excited. :)

Monday, May 03, 2010

@ 18 weeks, 5 days

In 2 days, we'll find out if this little baby is a boy or a girl. I'm thinking boy. And I've got a name for a boy. Should it be a girl...eek. I've got nothing.

(picture from Saturday, 18 weeks, 3 days)

This pregnancy has been so different from my other two. While I had morning sickness (and it was not good, not good at all) it ended early compared to Emma and Mackenzie. I stopped taking the Zofran at 14 weeks and hadn't thrown up for a couple weeks before that. Of course, that could've been thanks to the Zofran, though there were days that were really, really, really bad even with it. More than once I asked, "whose idea was this???" But still. When I went off it, I felt nauseous for a week or so but that was it. I've felt so good the last 4 weeks. So good that unless I see/feel my belly or I'm working out I forget I'm pregnant. Such a new thing for me.

Speaking of working out. This has been hard for me. I didn't work out really with the girls. But I have been working out the most I ever had over the last year, I was finally down to my pre-baby weight and I was feeling good. Now, while I can still work out (running/walking, weights, low-impact things) I can't do the things I was doing. Nothing requiring jumping (which is half of boot camp), no more ab work, no heavy weights/lifting, I can't even do regular push-ups any more because of the strain on my core. It's just an adjustment. One I haven't gotten used to yet. Although I did enjoy myself today - we did the deck of cards workout for abs. Since I can't do them, I got to tell everyone else what to do. It satisfied my need to be bossy. ;)

The need to nap every day is gone. No longer do I fall asleep every day even when I'm not trying to. I no longer feel as though I'm neglecting my children every afternoon while I'm on the couch. And it would seem I'm not anemic this time around either, as my energy is back to normal. Not that I still don't enjoy a good nap, it's just not a requirement anymore!

And let's talk about my ring. If you look in the picture above, you can see it on my necklace. I wore my wedding ring through both girls' pregnancies. I never had to take it off. This time around, I'd noticed it getting tight. I took it off last week to try on a wedding band a friend is letting me borrow (she got one in a bigger size to wear during her pregnancy when her wedding ring no longer fit, which is what I was planning to do) and once I got it off, which wasn't easy, I couldn't get it back on. Wasn't expecting that.

One of my favorite parts of being pregnant is feeling the baby move around. Sometimes it's a little kick, which feels like someone's flicking me with their finger. Other times just a wave of movement. I first felt it before 13 weeks, but I wasn't sure. Since it was so early I thought it could just be gas but as the weeks went on I became certain. He's active. And just now gave me a little kick.

I hate maternity clothes. I want my old clothes back. Especially my jeans. I miss them. Particularly my "skinny" jeans I'd just bought before getting pregnant.

This picture (the one in my banner) is my favorite so far. From 4/9/10, it's strange that my belly looks bigger there than it does in the picture from 3 weeks later. I'll blame it on the shirt.

I'll post on Wednesday after we get back from the ultrasound!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday Pregnancy

1. Baby number three is due September 30.

2. I know. It was pretty obvious (at least to some) with me ignoring this blog and not being on facebook that often. But, I had to wait and see Missy so she could use her Super Pregnancy Detection Powers on me. I've felt so crappy I didn't know when that would happen. Thankfully last Friday was a good day, otherwise it might've been April before this went up.

3. As of yesterday, I'm 11 weeks along.

4. And I look like this already:

(Picture by Missy this past Friday, 10 weeks 2 days. Although I don't think dark red is really the color for showing off the already growing baby bump. And please excuse the bad hair. That was the first time I'd left my house since Monday except to take Emma to school.)

5. And at 8 weeks, I already had this:

See the wee little belly already showing?
(Photo courtesy of Emma one morning before working out.)

6. Here's the thing. I know with Mackenzie I showed earlier than with Emma. So I knew I'd show early this time. But really? Already?! Yesterday I had a fitted sweater on and Beth (my neighbor/friend from across the street) did a double take when I stood up. I think her words were something along the line of, "Oh my gosh! you popped out already!" Yes. Yes I did.

7. I found out pretty early this time around. I took a test on January 15th, at 3 weeks and 2 days. (I'd been nauseous and strangely mean to my husband. Like I knew I was being unreasonable and saying things I shouldn't, yet I couldn't stop.) Took it in the morning and got this.

If you look closely you'll see a very faint line. That afternoon I took another. Same faint line so I called Michael. The conversation went something like this:

Me (whispering): Michael. I think I'm pregnant.

Michael: That's good, right?

Me: Yeah. But I'm not sure. The line's really faint. I'm going to get a digital test.

8. That evening I took another test and got this:

Michael's parents were here, although I can't remember why, and as soon as I'd gotten back from the store I ran upstairs to use the bathroom while they were getting ready to leave. Then immediately called Michael again, hiding out in the bathroom.

Me (whispering again): Michael. It's positive. I'm pregnant.

Michael: What? Did you tell my parents already?

Me: No! I'm upstairs. They're leaving right now.

Michael: Congratulations.

Me: Congratulations to you too.

Michael: I gotta go to practice.

Me: Okay. Bye.

Emma's pregnancy - big to do with card, baby gift, etc.

Mackenzie's pregnancy - I told him while standing in the kitchen making dinner.

Baby #3 - a short, hushed phone conversation.

If we were to ever have #4 (and we're not) he'll probably find out via text.

9. Positive pregnancy test count - 5. Yes. I took 5. Michael said the reason pregnancy is so expensive is all the tests women buy. He's probably right.

10. I've been reminded often in the last two months that I just don't do pregnancy well. Morning sickness is in full effect. Even with the Zofran, I'm still throwing up. Although I do seem to be having good days/weeks and bad days/weeks instead of all bad. But last week, even with the highest does of Zofran I can take, I spent a lot of time hanging out in the bathroom. I keep taking it though, my theory is it'll be worse without it. And the fatigue. Oh my. I swear it's worse this time. Emma's brain is being rotten by Nick Jr. because I just can't stay awake in the afternoon. And when I complain to Lisa, she kindly reminds me, "You wanted #3!" Ha! Yes, I did! And I'm so so so happy. I can't wait to meet his little guy/girl. :)

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