Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday

Yesterday was busy. Very busy. And so I didn't get my menu plan done. In fact, as I start this now at 1:03 pm, I still have no idea what I'm making this week...

Monday - Michael had left over pizza (from Emma's party Sunday) and the girls and I had shells and cheese. (Again, very busy day)

Tuesday - I'm taking the easy way out again and making a Stouffer's Garlic Chicken I like to get them on sale and keep a few in the freezer for nights like tonight which I don't feel like cooking, or when I'm short on time. I just cook some extra pasta and it's just enough to feed us all. Although, I haven't made one in quite a while and now that Mackenzie eats as much as me some nights (okay maybe not that much, but a lot), it might not be enough. We'll find out tonight.

Wednesday - pepper steak and rice

Thursday - pierogis, veggie

Friday - @ Mary's for dinner

Saturday - Brunswick Stew

Sunday -
Baked Potato Soup, rolls

Last week's recap:

Things got a little switched around last week. (I'm realizing every week something gets switched around, lol.) On Tuesday I made a new recipe for chicken and dumplings, replacing Saturday's homemade chicken and noodles. It was a copycat recipe for Cracker Barrel dumplings. Didn't taste exactly like theirs, but still very good. Definitely making them again. We had the Swanson's chicken from Tuesday on Thursday and on Saturday went out to eat for Valentine's day. The Brunswick stew is moved to this week. Sunday night Emma wanted spaghetti for dinner and since it was her birthday, I obliged.

It's now 4:42 pm and I finally decided what we'll be eating this week. At least I got it up before dinner tonight!

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