Thursday, February 05, 2009


So Darcy tagged me a while ago, I had to post seven things about me. And I sort of never did it. I kept starting it, but never finished. Then I got tagged on Facebook. Again, I started it but couldn't finish it. But I kept getting tagged. So after a week and a half, I finally finished. Then, I realized I could just copy those 25 things here and use them for Darcy's tag. Yes, obviously more than seven. But no way am I spending 20 minutes trying to decide which seven to use. (see #16)

1. I over-explain. You'll see. (or just look above.)

2. Dr. Pepper is my beverage of choice but not diet. Never diet. No matter what they say, it's not the same.

3. I lose things. A lot. I've lost two sets of keys including the remote keyless entry. A set for each of our cars. I start to panic if I can't find them right away when it's time to leave.

4. I forget things. Also a lot. Short term, long term, they both suck. Examples: I was going to the garage fridge to get milk and Michael asked for orange juice. I was back to the table in 7 seconds with milk, but no juice. Also, once in college I went tanning in the evening only to be told I couldn't use my package because it'd been used earlier in the day. I argued with the girl that it wasn't me, someone must've used it without me knowing. Then I remembered I'd gone that morning before class. Yeah, that was embarrassing.

5. I'm a bit messy. Not dirty though, just messy. A bit of a pack rat. Could be why I lose things so much.

6. I love my Zumba classes. So much fun. Great cardio workout. I highly recommend it.

7. I have a lot of fillings. And one crown. Enough that every time I go to the dentist I expect to have a cavity. But I brush twice a day. And floss, too.

8. I love to read. Once I get into a book, I tend to ignore what's going on around me.

9. I blog. Which is a good thing. Means I won't forget as much about my girls' childhoods as I otherwise would. See #4.

10. I don't eat salad.

11. I don't eat sandwiches either, really. Except cheesesteaks. Or a plain roast beef and cheese sandwich. Or a steak sandwich with au jus. Sensing a theme?

12. I let my LSW (social work license) lapse after I had Mackenzie. Which means should I go back to social work at any point I have to retake the exam and get licensed again. Have I mentioned I don't do well with tests? See #4 again.

13. I've been a bridesmaid in 7 weddings.

14. I keep trying to grow my hair out but get frustrated because the growing-out stage is ugly so I cut it. Then a few months later I try again. I'm probably annoying my stylist.

15. Since I first started working on this I cut my hair. And I love it.

16. I'm very indecisive. It once took me thirty minutes in Target to decide if I wanted the 3 shelf or 4 shelf bookcase. Even worse, I like a shirt in two colors and can't decide which to get. Or, just this weekend at old navy, couldn't decide between two pairs of black yoga pants. Did I want the fold-over waist or not? Seriously, I spent 20 minutes thinking about it.

17. Because of this, I tend to return things a lot.

18. My go-to number is 12. "Emma, I've told you 12 times to pick up your puzzle!"

19. I make cookies just to eat the cookie dough. I don't like the actual cookie so much.

20. I really enjoy singing out loud. Especially 80's and hair metal/rock (i.e. Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Warrant, Skid Row) songs. Especially while scrapbooking. And I know there's some of you I've tagged who've experienced this wonderful habit (quirk? annoyance?) of mine in person. :)

21. I have horrible handwriting. So bad sometimes I can't read what I write. This was a problem in high school and college. Especially in college when I'd fall asleep in class. Wasn't bad enough that my handwriting was terrible to begin with, then I had the whole falling-asleep-so-the-words-are-only-half-written-and-the-the-pen-trails-off-thing making it even worse, if that's possible.

22. I talk. A lot. Again, those who've scrapbooked (and well, really, ever been around me) know this, since I tend to talk more than scrapbook.

23. I've passed the talk-too-much thing onto Emma. She never shuts up. Just like her Mom.

24. I'm a bit bossy. Didn't know this until my freshman year of college and during a housing search someone called me bossy and when I called my sister to complain about how unfair that was she said, "but you are." Oh.

25. And quite assertive. Although I didn't use to be that way. I've learned through the years how to stick up for myself though.

And with that, I give you this: an article in Time by a guy who would hate that I just posted those 25 things. :)

I leave you with Mackenzie running on the track at the fitness center this past Saturday. She'd just seen Michael and Emma and was heading full speed ahead toward them.

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Katy said...

hee hee.. many similarities..
You crack me up.
The article cracked me up too, read it earlier this evening.

Chris & Paige Evans said...

I love #18 - your go to number. Why 12? So funny, I love it. Thanks for sharing, it was great to learn more about you!!

Julie said...

You crack me up, girl. I want to try Zumba. My pilates instructor does it and she just raves. #1, 7, 8 & 19 are me too. ;0)

Marie said...

yup. this is you :) loved that lo by the way!!!

darcy said...

LOVE this! I too have cavities... and forget things.. and there were like 3 other things that we had in common but I forgot what they are. =/

Yeah for finally doing this!

And did you add new pages to your slideshow?? It's about time! Must go look!