Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Any guesses as to what Mackenzie is sitting it?

The bottom of Emma's potty seat.

2. She soon fell over trying to get out. That's when Emma said, "I'll help you get your bootie out, Mackenzie!"

3. Took Emma to get her annual hair cut today. Seriously. She's had one other haircut and it was a year ago. We're letting it grow and I trim her bangs so she doesn't need one more than once a
year. I think Mackenzie looks so funny sitting in the waiting area.

4. And the haircut. (I cropped out Leah since I wasn't sure she'd want her picture online.) Emma was so excited to get her haircut and to see Leah. She did really well - sat still and listened. Yet she looks a little angry in this picture. She trimmed up her bangs and took about 1/2 inch off. Not enough that Michael could tell, but enough that I could.

5. Emma was building with Grandma McIntyre today. Well, she built, she had Grandma watch and Mackenzie knocked them down.

6. So I posted last week about Emma being up with me super late. Mackenzie ended up in the basement with us, too. She had her binky in with a crayon in each hand. She came up to me and gave me a crayon. I told her thanks, then asked her for her the other crayon. She looked at me for a few seconds, then quickly handed me her binky and ran away. Little stinker.

7. I'm eating Strawberry Daiquiri Jelly Bellys (or is it Bellies?), oh, how I love them.
8. I'm trying to give up, scratch that, drink a few less Dr. Peppers. So far I'm failing miserably. Well, I didn't drink one on Saturday, that's a start, right?
9. I think everyone should Zumba. It's so fun.
10. I did pull-ups during my kickboxing class last week. I'm sorry, we - meaning the instructor and I - did pull-ups. He had to basically lift me up so I could do them. Awesome. Thankfully everyone else had to be lifted up too.

1 comment:

Rebekah Price said...

random comments on your 10:
*your girls crack me up!! mckenzie's expression while sitting in the seat is hilarious! :)
*emma's hair is getting looong!!
*you & your late night children! when both girls get to sleep at a normal hour AND sleep thru the night, you won't know what to do!
*way to go on the less dr. peppers! they are addicting!
*i tried zumba not long ago. a friend bought the dvds. it IS fun!
*whoohoo on the pull-ups...even if they were assisted. those are stinkin' hard!!!