Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ten on Tuesday (yeah, yeah, techincally Wednesday)

1. Day 2 of my menu plan and I already switched things up. Made the chicken and dumplings tonight. And they were oh so good.

2.Went to visit my friend Mary this past Friday. Emma and Hannah played dress-up, of course. This was the best picture I could get since Emma refused to pose.

3. Mackenzie played dress-up, too.

4. So I moved the Followers widget up in the right corner thinking maybe people didn't see it but it didn't really make a difference. It's been at 5 for a while. But I know more people read this. I know you're out there! :)

5. Michael watched Bree and Ava last week when Lisa and I went to Zumba. When we came home we found all four girls dressed up and this:

The next day Emma wanted a tent so I took the dining room chairs downstairs and made one. But it wasn't good enough. I didn't turn the love seat around so she told me it wasn't as good as Daddy's and tore it down.

6. Tomorrow (or technically today since I'm a little late with this, it's 12:12 am on Wednesday) they're having a beach party at Kid Park at the fitness center. Emma gets to wear shorts and a t-shirt and sandals. The party is just for the big kids though, so Mackenzie will be in winter wear.

7. Last Monday our friends David and Amanda came over with their girls Brooke and Cheyenne. We had some leftover birthday cake and ice cream.

8. 24 was annoying last night.

9. So you know those Gain commercials? Where they talk about how good it makes your clothes smell? I decided to try it a while ago. It's true. They smell really good. I'm a Gain convert.

10. There's a chance Marty, Althea and Malachi will be home by Monday. YAY!!!


cheryl said...

dude. i love your blog. but it makes me miss you. i want to come visit you and your girls. seriously.
also i have tried to become a follower of the great erin sweeney but my computer won't let me. perhaps that's what's wrong? maybe other people are having the same problem.

Marie said...

somehow i completely missed that yesterday was tuesday. no really. where is my mind?

Julie said...

I love Gain! I even started using the Gain fabric softner. So good!!

MMMM...chicken and dumplings. I love it.

darcy said...

I am a follower. =)

GOtta try some Gain! Love a good smelling, clean shirt. =)

Maria said...

Love the pictures! Awesome fort! Our girls are huge into making forts too.