Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - Emma's Birthday Edition

1/2. We had Emma's 3rd birthday party on Sunday, her actual birthday. It was a Scooby Doo theme, since Emma loves Scooby Doo, although it was almost a Diego party. (We did Dora last year.) Sunday's party was with my family only. We're having a second party with Michael's family in a couple weeks. Why two parties, you ask? Because Marty and Michael's mom are in Uganda right now and will soon be coming home with Malachi! Yay! I'm so excited for Marty and Abby and can't wait to meet my nephew! Emma's excited about having a second party and a new cousin. I had planned to make Scooby Doo cupcakes for her party, so now I'll be making them for party #2 and I also saved the decorations and extra plates/napkins.

1. Opening presents. For her first two birthdays, and Mackenzie's first, I sat with her helping her open her presents. It was kind of weird just sitting back and watching her open them this year. But I liked it. I liked seeing her excitement over each gift. It was great.

2. So, she actually blew out the candles before we'd even sang to her, so I had re-light them. Then it took her three tries to get them out.

3. One of the few real smiles I got out of her, the rest of the time she was way too busy to stop and pose for me. Not that I blame her. It was her birthday party after all!

Did you notice the strange color scheme on the cake? They had two Scooby Doo cakes, one was a green and blue/purple scheme with the Mystery Machine and peace signs. The other was pink and purple with the convertable. We ordered the pink and purple cake. Yet somehow the combined the two. Emma didn't care. She loved it. But it certainly isn't the prettiest cake. I have no idea how the person who was decorating it messed it up, did they really think it was supposed to look like this? Maybe I should submit it to Cake Wrecks

4. With her Hi-Ho Cherrio game. Last night, Mackenzie had a cherry in her mouth. Only so long before she eats one, I'm sure.

5. Emma's wearing her new Fancy Nancy dress. Very fancy.

6. In case you can't tell, she's dancing. Specifically, her "ballerina" dance. Which is pretty funny.

7. A self-portrait before bedtime. She surprisingly went to bed without a fight. She was exhausted, but I thought she might resist it a bit. Ya know, "But mom, it's my birthday!"

8. We got Emma the Pop-Beads which we all seemed to enjoy. Maybe more than Emma did, as you can see she's not even in this picture.

9. Mackenzie was fascinated by the present opening. Which is funny, because at her party, she wasn't into it at all. She wanted Cherrios from Aunt Patti more than the presents. But this time...she actually ripped some of the paper off of the Hi-Ho Cherrio game before we got it away from her.

10. Emma had a great birthday. She was soooo excited for her party. Loved her cake, her presents, having her family there, everything. She's been playing dress-up with her new clothes and shoes; coloring in her new Color Wonder books; playing her new game; washing, dressing and feeding Bitty Baby.

I put a new album up on the left with some more birthday pictures.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday emma! looks like the party was a hit! I didn't notice the cake until you mentioned it - what are cake decorators thinking sometimes? i loved hi-ho cherrios growing up! sweet picture of you two before she went to bed. are you wearing a pop bead necklace? hehe. hope party # 2 is a smash with your new nephew!!!

Marie said...

happy birthday emma!! i know i already said that but three is a big deal you know. looks like lots of fun!

melanie said...

Happy belated Birthday to Emma!
And you're right, that cake is funky, but she's 3, and probably thinks it was the most beeyootiful thing ever. ;p