Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I know this is blurry, but I still think it's a cute picture of the girls watching Dora.

2. I need a mean look. A stern, "knock it off young lady" look. Because I don't have one. And sometimes when I try to give that kind of look to Emma I feel like I'm just making silly faces at her. I keep thinking she's going to start laughing at me.

3. I need to go the grocery store. Yet, I'm pretty sure I'm not going today. Which means I have to change what I'd planned to make this week. Which doesn't bother me, but doesn't look very good for the menu plan this week. (PS, never went.) (And I ended up making chicken and dumplings.)

4. This makes me laugh. She was running from Michael who was chasing her on all fours around the room.

5. I don't think I ever gave a potty update, but Emma is completely potty trained. Has been for a couple weeks. Stays dry all night long and will hold it for an hour or so after she gets up before going to the bathroom. Very proud of her. She picked out some Dora underwear. I took my camera so I could get a picture of her choosing her big girl undies. Then I forgot I had it with me until we left. Of course I did.

6. We're planning on going to the zoo with some friends on Monday since there's no school. Of course, that's if it's somewhat nice out. Never been in the winter before. But my sister got us a zoo pass last year and we've only used it once. A broken leg tends to put off frequent zoo trips.

7. Poor Michael. He gets no rest when he gets home at night. This is typical.

8. Mackenzie really likes spaghetti. (this was from last month)

9. I missed Zumba tonight. Have I mentioned my love of Zumba?

10. I had a #10. Then when I added the video of Mackenzie I lost #9 & #10. While I remembered what #9 was, I can't recall 10. Nor can I come up with anything else.


shelly b said...

I went to zumba last night...so it can count for you too.

Anonymous said...

that first picture is so sweet of the girlies watching dora!
okay i must try this zumba next saturday maybe I can go with miss.
the girls sure love their daddy!
let me know how how the stern face works out. I am trying - but whenever brady is bad -he gets this huge grin on his face - and says - hi mama! it's so hard not to be mad. last night he thew his chicken nugget from his high chair - and it landed perfectly in my glass of water! it was so bad but we all had to look away so we wouldn't laugh! yeah for potty training sucess!!!

Renee said...

Brian is totally the wrestling/climbing mat around here when the kids get home from school!

I love that video- Mackenzie is just talking the whole time she is eating- love that! and love the mess! ha!

and yay for Emma and the potty training!

Missy said...

we went to the zoo once in the winter. It works, you can just take the tram up to the northern trek and then the monkeys! Yay Emma! I love the Sketti look!

Julie said...

Yea for Emma! That is so awesome. Way to go, kiddo. :)

Our gym is starting a Zumba class on Thursday nights. I'm gonna try it.

Leslie Craven said...

I did my 1st Zumba this week! FUN!! Me doing it? Must be pretty entertaining for those around me!

Marie said...

ok everyone has to stop talking about zumba. I WANNA GO!!!!

melanie said...

Congrats on the potty training, that's so great! :) I love the pic of the 2 of them watching tv, so adorable. :) And the Zumba thing, I know you said it was an exercise class, but what is it exactly?!

tina cockburn said...

What a cute video!