Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter was great. We went to Michael's parents after church, well after coming home and letting the girls open their Easter baskets, for lunch and and egg hung. I think this was our best attempt at a family picture. I love the smile on Emma's face - she just saw her Grandpa after he came out of the garage and she was very excited. Mackenzie, well, she just wasn't a fan of the picture taking. Plus she had blisters from her new sparkly princess shoes. But hey, Michael and I are looking!

Mac checking out her eggs.

Emma with the first one she'd found.

And this look of joy on Mackenzie's face is just awesome. She was having a blast driving the jeep. Although she's a bit of a wild woman in it.

I actually tried to get this up Sunday. I have a great little video of Emma singing her Easter song, one she made up. It's awesome. But for the life of me I can't get the YouTube video to post. I also wanted to put up a couple videos of two of my favorite songs, ones we sang in church that day but they won't go up either. Hoepfully I can get them up soon.

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Marie said...

oh you guys are so cute!
try vimeo-SO much easier than youtube.