Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in the Life - Saturday

Not a lot of pictures, today. Mostly because I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning. And really, that's not that exciting.

The girls playing play-doh. They love to wear dresses. Emma got Mackenzie dressed today. They thought they were all ready for Corinne's party (at 5) at 10 this morning. neither of those outfits made it.

Lunch. Sakkio. Yum. And the paper of course. I read the newspaper everyday. I go through withdrawal without it. I like, but there's nothing like having an actual newspaper in your hands.

A freshly made bed with freshly washed sheets. And my pillow from when I was 6. I still sleep with it.

My best french braid so far. I'm really out of practice. And to think I used to be able to french braid my own hair.

Ironing my shirt for tonight. Pretty sure it's the last time I'll be wearing it for a while.

What happens when you assume you have wrapping paper and then 15 minutes before leaving realize you don't have enough.

En route.


Directions. While I've been to Marty and Abby's plenty of times, I never drive. And while I'm pretty sure I could've gotten there without having the directions, it's better to be safe than sorry!

The birthday girl, Corinne. Moments later we all started singing, cameras started flashing and she started crying.

The cousins.

I'm not a fan of icing. When I'm with my sister, she eats my icing for me. And when my mom makes cupcakes, she always leaves a couple un-frosted for me.

Still eating her ice cream.
I was attempting a picture of Abby and her children, when my child did this:

Playing in Corinne's new tent and tunnel.

Family picture courtesy of either Malachi or Claire. Not sure which took it. not really a flattering look for me.

And another. This makes me laugh. A lot. Not really sure why Mackenzie was so close to Michael's feet.

The end.


Marie said...

Seriously. Have to do this. At least a day of this :)

Missy said...

I will probably do a day of this sometime. After recital season. Maya has the same brown zebra dress. I have a Raggedy Andy doll from when I was 3! least near me. Gorgeous braid! And I am still in love with that quilt.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

It's been so fun reading about your week! That French braid is amazing! I never learned how to do that...And I'll eat your frosting any time!

Renee said...

i need to do this, too.

oh, and i eat my sister's icing :) yum.