Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Week in the Life - Friday

We started the day at Great Northern Mall. First stop - Archiver's.

Second stop was Gymboree. Third stop was not the Disney Store. Which earned me this look:

I took this by just holding the camera over Mackenzie. Which meant it was upside down, so I flipped it. She only climbed out of the stroller once today. Of course that was in Gymboree and she then proceeded to push the stroller around the store squealing with joy. Said squealing then turned in to shouts of "No! I want to walk!" when I put her back in.

Fourth? Sakkio Japan of course. One for lunch today. One for lunch tomorrow. Oh, Beef Teriyaki how I love you.


(Photo by Emma)

Posing while waiting.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the ugly on the way out. Emma was up looking at the rides and apparently forgot she had stepped up to get on the platform and therefore fell flat on her face when she walked off it. So she cried. A lot. Then she had to go potty. Then she didn't want to go potty, she just wanted to go home. Then she wanted her lamby and blankie which she didn't bring. Then she wanted her bed. Then the lamby and blankie again. She was tired. Then she wanted me to go home and get them. Well, we weren't going home because we were 35 minutes from our house and 20 from Grandma's. The crying continued all the way to the bathroom, during my running into someone I went to high school with, in the bathroom, to the car and half the way to Grandma's. She stopped before we got there, but it was short-lived. She started right back up a few minutes before we arrived.

All in all, she had to have cried for over a half hour. Awesome.

Mackenzie, meanwhile, was oblivious to it all. After lunch, she checked out the toy closet. Well, it's really the coat closet, but it houses all the toys. When I was a kid, I played in there. And not just me, friends too. It was like a clubhouse. A very small clubhouse.

Helping my mom on Facebook.

Then we went outside so the girls could play with Sophia next door.

Mackenzie sort of lost her pants.


Sophia recently learned to tie shoes so she practiced on Emma. Until Emma decided she wanted Mommy to do it, that is.

Playing with Sophia's dog.

Mom on her laptop checking her photo order status.
Not long after that, Mackenzie was trying to wash her hands in the bathroom, slipped off the stool and hit her chin/mouth. She crying hard so mom handed her to me and I rocked her, trying to calm her down. That's when mom asked me if she was bleeding. I had no idea. She hadn't been when I took her, but boy was she now. Blood was pouring out of her mouth, and it was all over my shoulder.
It went through my cardigan, onto my shirt and then my bra strap. It came out though.
Mackenzie eventually calmed down, but my poor baby was hurting and scared and so upset. Once the bleeding stopped and she got a band-aid for her chin it went from being painful to a story she could tell everyone.

That crisis over, we headed to Tara's. Rachel did the girls' hair and they put on a little show for us. It was all of 3.7 seconds.

We brought the ballet outfits with us. They love them. Thanks, Beth!

This one was taken by my nephew Michael. I'm impressed he got them to put their arms around each other. So was he.

Tara and Michael.

My favorite pizza ever. Seriously, it is the first number I remember knowing by memorization. (I almost typed "knowing by heart" but then I thought 33-year-olds probably don't say that so I changed it.) And there are two people who work there who've been working there since I was a kid and when I call they just know me. I don't even have to give my name. And they always remember to give me extra sauce. I love Lu's.


Mackenzie fell asleep between my sister's and mom's - it's 4 miles and was 7:15.

Emma did not, but pretended to and wanted me to take her picture.

I went to high school in the middle of a corn field. See?

We stopped to see Shelby at work. Not at a barber shop. Ice cream.

Daily belly shot. And Emma. Michael wanted to know why I took another of my sister's Midview sweatshirts. Remember the blood?

We didn't get home until after 8:30. I immediately left again to go to Kohl's and get Corinne's birthday present.

The end.

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Missy said...

Holy cow girl! You guys didn't stop!!

Marie said...

You are seriously making me want to do this...mmmmmhhhhhhh.

Lisa B. said...

even though we had already talked about most of this it made me laugh to read it again. also i love your new picture on here and fb - so cute.