Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week in the Life - Thursday

Morning milk for the girls. Emma's cup.

Show and Tell day at school. The bag is decorated on the other side with Emma's name and handprints. I can't believe it's lasted almost the entire school year.

On our way in to the fitness center. She's finally holding hands without fuss. Thank goodness the run-away-from-mom-refusing-to-hold-hands-instead-just-plop-down-on-the-floor/driveway/parking lot phase is over.

Today's workout - deck of cards. Each suite was an exercise, the number on the card was the reps. Worked out with Karyn, CJ, Noelle and Annabelle. Saw Kelly and Melissa while I was there.

Stretching after running. I can finally run a mile again without feeling like I'm dying. It's nice.

My bag I take to the gym. (Thanks, Mary - I'm still using it!) The essentials - ipod, lifting gloves, pull-up, wipes, watch, chapstick, phone and camera, of course.

After picking up Emma we stopped by the piggy bank, as Mac called it.

I want one of these trees. I don't know where it'd go, but I want one.

Filling out my calendar for May. And June, July and August too. Need to keep track of vacation/VBS/ballet camp/swim lesson/t-ball/soccer as to not double book anything.

In addition to the bag of books and pool float, we also got this - a Spongebob tent. To be honest, I'm not a fan of Spongebob. The girls aren't allowed to watch it. But I knew they'd love to play in it and it'd be perfect to use in the yard, since they already have a princess tent. But I needed something for them to do while I cleaned, so up went the tent. Emma made burgers for her customer, Mackenzie.

We've reading Halloween books thanks to the bag of books from Stacy next door.

Annabelle decorated the boot camp board at the gym and I stopped by tonight, once Michael was home, to add two more pictures I'd just had printed at Walgreens. In case you're curious, I wrote, "We'll miss you. Hurry home. I'll have a lot of baby weight to lose."

I hate putting away laundry. Which is why I put if off until my bed looks like this.

I did clean out my closet tonight though. Clothes I will not be fitting into until possibly 2011 will be put away. In their place - maternity clothes. Well, not all maternity clothes. I can still wear some things.

Said clothes that will not be worn until 2011. Plus, some things that need to be donated. Pretty sure I haven't worn that black shirt since before I had Emma. Also pretty sure I will not be wearing it anytime after this baby.


Mary said...

Awesome!!! I'm so excited you still use that bag, almost 6 years later! I often wonder if they were ever used by the girls!
And we have one of those trees on our tree lawn - they are fabulous in the spring when the whole street is lined with them in bloom! They're kinda ugly the rest of the summer though.

Marie said...

This is so cool that you are doing this. How nice will it be for the girls to look back and see what you did!