Thursday, March 25, 2010

Six things

1. It was my mom's birthday Sunday. We went to my sister's to celebrate. Happy Birthday, Mom!

2. So, I've been slacking with 365. No surprise there. I've missed a few days here and there. But the worst is how far behind I am on the blog. So I've decided to post my pictures on Shuttercal. It's much faster to upload them there. And there displayed in a cute little calendar plus there's room for descriptions and comments. The link is on the right. I'm still on January, but I'll be adding some each day until I get caught up.

3. Michael had a scrimmage this past Saturday. The weather was gorgeous. The girls loved it. Baseball season is going to be a big hit with them this year. Myrtle Beach is coming up, and then we'll be busy with permitting, of course. Stupid snow.

4. Did you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? Loved it. It's on tomorrow night and I believe they're airing the hour from last week again. You should watch it. It's crazy what kids are eating in school. The waste - they throw so much away. And the government requirments for lunches. I'm no expert, and I don't know ever rule there is, but why do kids need two breads at lunch? Just asking. You can sign the Food Revolution petition by clicking on the link over on the right. There's also more information on what Jamie Oliver is doing, nutritional guidelines, recipes and more. It certainly made me think about what I'm feeding my kids. Of course, all my big plans of changes to be made are on hold until I'm feeling good enough to cook actual meals again.

5. Speaking of healthy eating, you should check out my cousin Kelly's blog. What are my kids eating?

6. We went to the park this past Friday. It was only 50 maybe. It felt nice when we left home. But it's awfully windy at this park. Which wouldn't have mattered. But the ice cream truck was there. Yep. Mid-March and we had ice cream. Good thing about being a bit chilly, it doesn't melt as fast. The girls didn't eat much. I think Mackenzie might've gotten more on her than in her mouth. And there was no way Emma was ever going to finish that popsicle. But it was a fun, unexpected surprise to get ice cream that day. It made us smile. Okay, me smile because my girls were just plain giddy and getting ice cream.


Marie said...

I for one can't wait until you feel better-I miss you! I am taping that Food Revolution show-totally forgot about it the other day. Feel better :)

Missy said...

I may have to catch up on that food show.......

pulliamins said...

Thanks for the blog mention! :) Healthy eating has been a passion of mine since Grayson was a baby, so I'm glad to see my ideas are finally going mainstream!

Hope you're feeling well. Post more bump shots!!!

rachelmarquette said...

yeah for blogging, birthdays & ice cream! I am going to DVR the food revolution. I just caught up on 3 episodes of Parenthood last night- it's a good show!