Thursday, April 08, 2010

From the game to Penn Station...

...through the eyes of a 2-year-old and 4-year-old.

We were leaving Michael's game and Emma wanted to take a picture of the daffodils. Both girls are really into seeing the flowers, and shout out every time we pass some. So I gave Emma my camera and she and Mackenzie took turns taking pictures all the way to Penn Station and inside the restaurant. A very well-documented drive, I'll say.

Warning - lots and lots of pictures ahead.

Attempting to get a picture of the daffodils. By Emma.

Back of my seat. They really like their umbrellas. By Emma.

"Say cheese Mackenzie." I heard this numerous times. By Emma.

No daffodils there. By Mackenzie.

"Make a funny face!" By Emma.

Again. By Emma.

And again. By Emma.

And once more. By Emma.

By Emma.
Mackenzie's foot. By Mackenzie.
More of Mackenzie's feet, and a little bit of me. By Mackenzie.
Emma's foot. They were running the bases and playing in the dirt on the field in sandals, hence the very dirty feet. By Mackenzie.
And still another of Mackenzie's foot. By Mackenzie.

"Can't see my eye!" By Emma.

Random office building. By Mackenzie.

Random house. By Mackenzie.

More businesses. By Mackenzie.
And another. By Mackenzie.
Emma's foot. Again. By Emma.
At Penn Station. By Emma.

Emma doing one of her new poses. Taken by Mommy at her request.
By Emma.
Grandpa. By Emma.
Mackenzie's serious face. By Emma.
A very close-up. By Emma.
By Daddy.
Another new pose. By Daddy.
They have the best lemonade. By Emma.
Mackenzie actually wanted Emma to take this. A rarity. By Emma.
Last shot. By Mackenzie.

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Missy said...

This is so cute. Maya is getting a camera for her 6th birthday next month. I can't wait to see her pics!

Renee said...

too cute! i love to see what the kids take pictures of- aislin takes pictures of the funniest stuff!

Stephanie said...

Awesome!! Hesitant to do this with B since she dropped the cam before but I guess it won't hurt to try again!

darcy said...

I LOOOOOOVE this post! It completely cracked me up!!! And I'm liking your hair longer! Been meaning to tell ya..

Rebekah said...

oh this is so fun!! and i'm sure they LOVED taking pics! :) love the new blog header...oooolala!