Monday, April 19, 2010

A Week in the Life - Monday

I'm doing Ali Edward's Week in the Life project. But considering I've only completed four pages of my December Daily album, not to mention my Cathy Z Encyclopedia... class, I'm thinking it'd be wise to go ahead and post each days pictures here. Less pressure to get the album done that way.

Starting a bit after 8 this morning...

Been using lots of band-aids since I shredded my finger while shredding cheese. It hurt. And bled. A lot.

Mackenzie gleefully poured Emma's Cheerios down the vent this morning. This does not help my fear of the ants returning soon. Thanks, Mac.

My lilac bush we planted last summer is budding. So excited. I can't wait until I'm smelling lilac every time I walk in my garage.

Our workout this morning at boot camp. Sadly, burpees are out, I've been reduced to girly push-ups due to the strain on my abs (which was hard for me to admit this morning), and I had to do regular lunges. I did run all 15 laps though!

Emma dressed herself today - brown polka dot pants, tutu skirt, OSU jersey, princess sweatshirt.

Visited Megan and new baby Jarred.

I came upstairs and found the two of them snuggled in the chair. (This was Emma's 4th outfit change, and not the last.) By the time I got the camera out, this is what I got.

Mackenzie during Emma's swim lessons.

Emma waiting her turn.

Talking to Daddy. She kept pushing the button to make the screen light up, then she'd giggle when she heard Michael's voice on the speakerphone.

Backyardigans before bed.

Library books. We'd read a bunch earlier, and then she sat on the floor to read one on her own.

Getting in bed by herself.

Emma's clothes laid out for school tomorrow.

Belly shot courtesy of Emma. I don't feel as if it's that big. But it does get strangely larger at night. Probably from all that eating. I'm hungry.

Reading out of Emma's Jesus Book/Bible (she calls it both) before bed.
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Marie said...

oooo i like this :)

Rebekah said...

:) love emma's outfit. she is one stylin' chick and needs to start her own fashion blog. lol. :) and you are looking SO cute! :)

Mary said...

Ok, I'm a little jealous that you got to go visit another friend's new granted, she probably lives closer, but we HAVE to see each other soon! You missed Nicholas' newborn stage - he's getting so big already.
I've been swamped and now that I'm back to work, even busier, but we should make a date soon!