Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in the Life - Wednesday

As you can see I had my alarm set for 8. Yes, I actually set my alarm for 8am because if I don't and my girls sleep in, I won't wake up. I could stay in bed until 9:30 easily. That's what happens when you're up once or twice or five times a night due to a crying 2-year-old, coughing 4-year-old and a pregnancy-bladder. Yeah. I hit snooze until 8:34 before I made myself get up and get a shower.

Emma was still asleep at 8:57. That's what happens when she doesn't go to sleep until 12:30 due to said cough. Thank goodness for the humidifier which allowed her to sleep through the night.

Polly Pocket + humidifier.

Remember the snooze button? And Emma sleeping in? That's why this clock says 9:57. Play group officially started at 9:15. Also, my car needs dusted.

We arrive.

With Mandy and Beth.

Making a card. They loved the puffy stickers. Today's theme was butterflies.

Coffee filter butterflies. Who knew?

Story time.


The girls with Titus (Beth's son).

I love Penn Station.

Next up - the park.

This was by far Mackenzie's favorite thing today.

Emma took this shot of the little playground. There is a bigger one behind it.

Self-portrait belly shot.

No pictures from when we got home around 2 until the next one around 5:45 ish. We all sort of took naps. Even Emma with Daddy once he got home from school.

Snuggle time with my girls. Picture courtesy of Emma.

Then it was keep away with the monkey and blankie.

Since we all slept, there was no cooking for me. Not that I was complaining. :) Emma picked CiCi's.

Have you had their cinnamon rolls? Oh my. Sweet gooey goodness.

Belly/feet shot in the parking lot.

On the way home.

We had enough time for baths for a quick bike ride. Plus it was cold. Although Michael and I were the only ones who noticed.

Emma found this pool floaty last night in a bag of books from our neighbor. She was trying to convince Michael to blow it up. No luck.

Once everyone was in bed (including my sport-watching husband) it was time for yesterday's Lost.

We brought the goldfish home from playgroup today. They didn't eat them while we were there but wanted to bring them home. Mackenzie did, however, eat a few that someone dropped on the ground in the parking lot before I caught her. Nice.

These are the bathroom toys I have to bleach due to a bath time accident by a certain two-year-old. as my sister-in-law pointed out, this is one story she'll be sooooo embarrassed to hear me tell when she gets older. Not that it will stop me.

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