Friday, May 30, 2008

Rubberbands, anyone?

Remember when Emma dumped all her hair rubberbands/clips/bows out? She put a couple on her wrist, turned her hand purple? Well, she's at it again. Not the purple hand part, though. I moved them into her closet, up on a shelf, all neatly organzied in plastic drawers. She climbed up in there and dumped them out.


What a mess. I should mention I'd just bought a pack of 300 of them, so it was an even bigger mess. I made her help me clean them up, which of course took forever. So I told myself to move the bins that enabled her to climb up there and get them. Then I forgot. And she dumped them out again. They're now in our bathroom.

I'm still finding those teeny tiny rubberbands. Found 7 this morning.

In other news, heading out to CKC Buffalo tomorrow with Felicia and Marie. Should be fun!

Happy Friday!


Rebekah said...

haha! :)

HAVE FUN this weekend!!!!!!

rachel m said...

oh dear. Well at least with boys there is no need for hair accessories but I am sure the amount of cars, trucks littered across are house is equal to all those hair ties!! Can't wait to hear about the CKU recap!

Julie said...

hahahaha!! I have SO been there, girl. Now I find barrettes and rubberbands in strange places, the pantry, on the stuffed animals or Barbie dolls, etc. Just little reminders that there is a little girl running around. ;)