Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - Memorial Day edition

1. We watched the parade in my hometown yesterday. I don't have any actual parade-watching photos, but this was taken afterwards. Michael took Emma farther down the street so I couldn't take any pictures of her.Although I got one of her running back to us. And usually they have a soldier from every war represented and I take a picture of that but this year they weren't there.Here are the pictures from last year.

2. Shelby's going to be a bubble model.

3. Mackenzie hung out in the stroller at the carnival. She seemed quite content.

4. Emma rode rides at the carnival - the swings (not sure what she's doing here. I think she was "hiding" from me and the camera.), flying elephants, merry-go-round and the trucks.

5. Of course, she had to play on the playground.

6. Here's little blondie at Michael's game on Sunday.

8. And Emma playing on the playground at his game. She did this all on her own, no coaching. She was shocked when the bridge moved and made the appropriate face.

9. Emma's new bike. Surprisingly, she can't quite reach the pedals, at least not enough to pedal and move. But she loves it.
10. A sleeping update - Mackenzie slept through the night both Sunday night and last night! Woo hoo! I didn't even have to get up to give her the binky. Of course, I probably just jinxed myself. And tonight she'll be up three times.

ETA: Apparently, I can't count. Thanks, Mary, for letting me know I forgot number 7. :)

7. Emma won't try cotton candy. Attempted it on Saturday at Blossom Time (the carnival we went to after Michael's game) and she wouldn't try it. She actually seemed somewhat frightened by it. So sadly, I had to eat the whole bag myself. It was hard, let me tell ya.

ETA, again: Also, I should state it was a weekend full of baseball and carnivals. Saturday, alumni baseball game Michael coached then the carnival there. Sunday, Michael played baseball. Monday we went to my mom's for the parade and carnival. I was reading over my post and felt I should explain all the mentioning of baseball and rides and carnivals and such.


Marie said...

yea for sleep! and i have a little surprise for you coming in email form in just a second :)

Mary said...

I hate to burst your bubble of getting your 10 in on a Tuesday, but you don't have a 7!! None-the-less, yeah for Mackenzie sleeping through 2 nights! I hope this becomes the new habit!

cheryl said...

dude! you have the cutest little blondie kids EVER!!! soooo cute! miss you!

Missy said...

aw what a fun day!

rachel m said...

sound like a weekend full of balls and carnys! (sorry couldn't resist the baseball humor!) I am so sorry you had to eat all of the cotton candy - what a good mama! Loved emma's face on the bridge!
Yeah for babies sleeping thru the night!!

Mary said...

hee, hee, sorry to point out your mistake, but I wanted a full 10 of weekend events and Emma/Mackenzie updates. So glad to know about the cotton candy - I feel very updated now!!! BTW, I didn't know Emma was afraid of anything...who knew cotton candy would so frightening!

Renee said...

cute pics!! yay on the sleep!!

Maria said...

super cute pictures!!

Julie said...

the girls are getting so big. :)

Rebekah said...

love love love this post! :) so many fun photos!! and shelby is *growing* up! wow! :)