Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten on Tuesday (posted on Wednesday)

1. I took these pictures of Mackenzie at Michael's game tonight. In the first one, Michael was holding her after the game. I took the other two during the game. She's sitting up so well! Tonight she sat up for the longest period yet.

2. The whole getting-Mackenzie-to-sleep-through-the-night thing hasn't been going as well as I'd hoped. But Sunday night, we had a breakthrough. Mackenzie only woke up once, around 1:30 am, and I put her binky in and she went back to sleep. But then last night didn't go as well. She only drank about an ounce before going to bed. Then she woke up three times and the last time, around 3 am, I fed her. I figured she might actually be hungry. And she was. She slept until 8 am after that.

3. Emma seems to be afraid of the dark. At least when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I need to replace the bulb in her night light and she woke up and completely freaked out. I'm not sure I'd like waking up to a pitch black room either. I moved the nightlight from the bathroom into her bedroom and all was fine. The chocolate milk helped too. Although it wasn't really chocolate. She hasn't seemed to figure that out yet. She calls all milk chocolate or strawberry whether it is or it's plain.

4. Emma helped Michael cut the grass Saturday.

5. I made banana bread tonight. Michael and Emma love it. Me, not so much. Although I do enjoy how yummy it makes my house smell.

6. Some of my favorite shows were cancelled and I'm bummed. Moonlight and New Amsterdam are not coming back next year. Neither is Shark, and I liked that, too.

7. I finished reading Stephenie Meyer's new novel, The Host. Oh, is it good! If you read it, let me know what you think!

8. I finished up 3 more pages tonight! (including one about picking out Emma's first Christmas tree. Yes, that one would be about 2 years old.)The to-be-finished pile is slowly getting smaller.

9. I do not have a free Sunday until July 19th. Seriously.

10. Tomorrow I'm making on of my favorite childhood, and adulthood, dishes of my mom's. I've yet to make it so it tastes like her's. Maybe this time I'll get it right.


Missy said...

Gorgeous Mackenzie pictures!!

Rebekah said...

great photos of mackenzie! :) she's getting so big...sittin' up all by herself! :) can't wait to hear how your dish turns out.

rachel m said...

oh my goodness gracious. does that girl have blue eyes or what? sweet pics!

Maria said...

super cute pictures :-)

{Amanda} said...

i'm coming out of lurkdom to whine about moonlight. . i had NO idea it wasn't coming back :(


(haven't read the host yet. ..i want to though!)