Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Michael's parents, brothers and their families came over Friday night and we were able to get a family picture. Only one missing is Malachi, hopefully Marty and Abby will be able to go to Uganda and bring him home soon.
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2. Emma is now eating cereal with milk. Happened by accident last week. She usually will only eat dry cereal but when I wasn't looking she dumped her milk in her bowl. I convinced her to take a bite and the rest is history.

3. Michael got Emma's 6-12 month clothes down from the attic and I'm now washing them for Mackenzie. Two things happen when I do this: 1. I can't believe Mackenzie is so big she needs these and 2. Every outfit brings back a memory of Emma at that age. With every single one I can remember something she was doing, how she looked, where we went. Makes me a bit weepy inside, I'll admit.

4. Planted flowers yesterday. I'm not a gardener. Don't particularly like it. But I did it. Unfortunately still have more to do. Not today, since it's raining but maybe tomorrow. Or maybe instead I'll meet my mom at the mall and go to Michael's baseball game...

5. Went to CKC Buffalo saturday with Marie and Felicia. Sooo much fun. Saw Wendy, met some Simple people - Marnie Flores, Megan Hoeppner and Cathy Zielskie, did some shopping. Found some fun stuff and actually didn't spend too much. Could have been worse if they'd had the new October Afternoon of KI. We had dinner with Megan and Cathy. We were in the car for a long time - almost 7 hours - but it went fast thanks to the fun music on Felicia's ipod. She needs some Bon Jovi though.

6. We leave in 4 days for Virginia. Girls trip with with my mom, sister and her oldest. Have not yet started to pack.

7. This is michael's last week of school. Summer is almost officially here.

8. Played hopscotch with emma last week. Well, a version of it. I drew it and she just hopped around. While counting. Out of order most of the time. We didn't tackle the rock throwing part.

9. Met my friend Janet for dinner last night. She used to be my supervisor when I worked. So very glad we're still friends and have kept in touch. I love talking with her. It's always fun. We get each other and I appreciate that.

10. Mackenzie is 7 months old as of Sunday. But that's going to get it's own post tomorrow. In the meantime, here she is today enjoying her tiger basketball toy she got for Christmas. She particularly enjoyed trying to eat the bird that isn't even seen in the photo. But it's there.

Happy Tuesday!

(I read over this and realized it reads kind of weird. Short and choppy sentences. But I've got an assignment to do so I'm leaving it. Sorry!)


Mary said...

Great family picture. I decided that Emma must look more like Michael because she and Ben could be siblings!! Must be Sweeney genes. Have a safe trip to VA!

Rebekah said...

great shot of the fam! and love that photo of emma and her cereal. haha. :)

have fun on your trip to VA!!! just the girls, right?! have a great time! :)

Renee said...

ok now i know why you are going to VA!

love the photos!

I totally know what you mean about the clothes.. my sister has some of Aislin's baby clothes stored at her house and when I was there last year, we went through them and I could remember everything about those clothes! so funny!

about #5. who cares. hahah just jealous! glad you had fun!

I forget how to play hopscotch. It seems like it was harder than I remembered, I may need a lesson on it!