Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday.

1. Mackenzie has been rolling onto her stomach in bed a lot. The problem is when she does this, she turns, and always gets her legs stuck hanging out the side. Then she can't get out. And she cries until I come to her rescue.

2. Emma says 'lay up' when she means 'sit up'. I find this really cute. Example: I lay down on the floor and she immediately says, in her very bossy voice, "No Mommy! Lay up! Lay up!"

3. At 11:30 Tuesday night I was sitting on Emma's bed with Mackenzie on my lap while they laughed at each other. Why? Because they'd both woken up - Emma completly freaked out and Mackenzie wouldn't stop crying so we all just hung out for a while. And that's the short version.

4. I Zumba'd last night. Fun and funny at the same time. You should try it.

5. I got new sheets Tuesday, washed them and got them on the bed. I love them. Haven't bought new sheets since our shower, 5 years ago!

6. Saturday was Claire's first birthday party. I love this picture of Emma and Claire. It's not the best as it's off-center and Emma's cut off but it's so cute.  

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7. Motts for Tots juice boxes are ingenious. I always water down Emma's juice. It's just too strong. So I've never bought juice boxes. That and it's cheaper to buy a big bottle of juice. Then I saw these at the grocery store - although now that I think of it my friend Lisa might've had them at her house a couple weeks ago - they're juice boxes but with water added, perfect for toddlers. A mom had to have invented these.

8. For the first time I did not watch the American Idol finale last night. I barely watched it at all this season. Although I did enjoy a couple David Cook songs this season. I'm glad he won.

9. I had a meeting for VBS last night. I'm teaching kindergarteners this year. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the info right now but excited.

10. Emma spent 50 minutes on potty this morning - and never went. We gave up.


Linda Barber said...

Ahhhhh! Potty training! Eek! We tried it for one day, and at naptime, Luke told me he was tired of being potty trained. Yup. Me too! What I've learned from child 1 and 2 is that they will do it when they are ready. Too bad one can't make their kids go, huh? LOL! Hugs!

Missy said...

i got those motts for tots for maya. They're pretty good! I drank one the other day because regular juice gives me heartburn, but that was just enough watered down! hee hee!

Marie said...

lay up tee hee

and the important thing is that she sat. seriously.

rachel m said...

i love when kids say the wrong things- it's just plain cute. My oldest son says: i need holded. when he wants to snuggle. I can't correct it yet.
Yes I agree with marie- at least she sat. That's like 80% of the battle! best of luck.
nothing like fresh new sheets!