Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. We're getting Papa Johns Pizza Thursday for dinner. Why? Because a large 1-topping is only 23 cents! Thank you
Papa Johns for making fun of LeBron.

2. Abby is back from Uganda. Marty, Abby and Claire came over Saturday night and we got to see lots of pictures of cute little Malachi.

3. We made progress with Mackenzie on the whole sleeping through the night thing. Thursday night, I didn't feed her. She fussed on and off for 20 minutes and I gave her the binky twice but she went back to sleep. That was what happened the next few nights, with her crying for 10-15 minutes each night but going back to sleep. Until last night. She was up at 1:30, 3, 3:30, 4:30 and 4:45. That's when I broke down and fed her. Hopefully tonight goes better.

4. Happy belated National Scrapbook Day. I didn't scrap much but I did buy 92 pieces of Bazzill. They were 4/1.00 at my lss. This made me extra happy since I scrap 8.5x11 and have to buy 12x12 and cut it down. Paying .25 cents a sheet makes me feel a bit better about wasting so much cardstock. I think I'm good for a while now.

5. Have you guys tried Stumble Upon. One of the coolest sites ever. Basically what it does is finds sites that interest you that you might never find yourself. You select your interests, download the toolbar and then start exploring. It's so fun. If anyone wants to try it, my username is esweeney. You can see what your friends like, recommend sites, rate them, etc. It's addicting. Some of the things I've seen so far: a dollar bill folded into a shirt, a sandstorm in Iraq,and a google-ish site for the Bible. Plus...

6. Bembo's Zoo It creates animals out the letters in its name. Tomorrow I'm going to bring Emma down so we can play. You have to try it out. It's amazing.

7. Gave Mackenzie Zwieback toast for the first time yesterday. She definitely liked it.

8. Found her turned around in her crib after her nap today.

9. For those who took the poll in yesterday's post, Mackenzie is on the left, Emma is on the right. Almost everyone got it right. I know they're not exactly alike, but it amazes me how similar they look. I wish I could put my finger on what it is that's different. But I can't. If anyone knows, please share.

10. I'd love for those of you who read but don't post comments to leave one here. I know you're out there! (See, you voted in the poll so now I know you exsist.) I'd really love to know who you are and check out your blogs if you have one. So, please, please, please leave a comment! Not to leave out those that do usually leave comments - please leave a comment, too. :)

Happy Tuesday!


Rebekah said...

lovin' your tuesday 10's! :)

*too funny on the pizza deal. enjoy your pizza even tho lebron didn't bring you past the celtics tonight.
*when does baby malachi get to come to the u.s.?
*aww, poor mackenzie (or should i say poor erin!). hope she gets to sleepin' better!
*cool deal on the bazzill! i'm the same way...always cutting it down to 8.5x11.
*a fun link! i'll have to check it out!
*i'll have to show abbigayle the zoo link you posted. she'd enjoy it, too!
*i'll have to stare at the side-by-side photos for a bit and see what the difference is between M & E! :)


*~Niki G~* said...

You're so right?! Even when looking at the picture again, it's hard to pinpoint what the differences are!! Yeah for 23 cent pizza, can they carry that over to Indiana stores too?! :)

Mary Jo said...

Hi, Erin! :0)
Mary Jo from Suziebeezieland here.
I can totally empathize on the whole sleep thing!
Erin (my daughter) finally started sleeping through the night at eight months when I stopped night time nursings. We do have a rough night though here and there - like night before last.
Especially when she's teething! :0p
I always say the person who came up with the saying "Sleeps like a baby." Never had kids! :0)

Heather said...

Coming out of lurkerdom to comment;-) I think I stumbled upon your blog through your wonderful Two Peas gallery. I'm sure I'll be lifting some of your layouts when our first little one is born in July.
Oh, and I see a Papa John's pizza in our Thursday night future!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin...I am a lurker of your blog =)...I found you on 2peas..I am a SAHM with 2 girls myself (ages 4 and 17 months)...my girls look so similar too! I COMPLETELY understand the sleeping through the night thing...your layouts are awesome! Thanks for sharing with us. I don't have a blog or I would link to it....Cherie in Arkansas

Julie said...

hilarious on the pizza thing! what a deal on the bazzill! that is awesome and you should be stocked up for a while now. at least you can use the scraps for cards. :) thanks for that cool link too. i'll be checking that out. and i'm horrible about posting comments, but i'm trying to be better about it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker, too. I like to read your stories about your cute girls and look at your scrapbook pages :)

{Amanda} said...

i'm a lurker. . i always check in and see which gymboree/gap clothes i recognize on your girls ROFL

Marie said...

i'm here too :)