Friday, January 25, 2008

Ever see a purple hand?

I have. Yesterday. Emma's left hand, to be exact. And it was swollen. Why? Because she put 3 of those teeny tiny hair rubberbands around her wrist.

She's got a cold. And she didn't nap much, if any, yesterday. When I
went upstairs at four she was still awake but I decided to jump in the shower
real quick before getting her out of her room. When I got out, she was
asleep on the floor by the door. So I left her, I didn't want to wake her just as she'd finally fallen asleep. A little later I hear her crying - she woke up and I think was scared because she didn't know where she was. I go up and get her and put her in the bath because she's got dried snot everywhere. She's in there for a bit before I realize her left hand is purple! yes, purple!!!!!!!!

Since there are no toys in her room, she managed to get in the dresser drawer and pull out all her hair accessories. Then proceeded to put 3 of those teeny tiny rubber bands around her wrist. Her hand was swollen and purple. (Michael called it the Hamburger Helper hand.) I freaked. I've never seen a purple appendage before. I ripped off the rubberbands which of course caused her to start crying because all the blood rushed back in. I have no idea how long they were on there. At least a half
hour, but I'm sure it was more, up to an hour at least. I started doing tests, having her make a fist then open it. It didn't seem to hurt her and she was using it fine. Although she was cradling it some. I called the doctor and they said it'd be fine, that there might be bruising and it'd be swollen for a couple days. Thankfully, I didn't see any bruising today and the swelling is almost gone. My freakin kid is nuts!

Oh, I almost forgot. When I called the doctor the office was closed already. I asked the answering service if I could have a doctor call me back. She said, "No. They're closed. They can't." So I asked, "What about when I call at midnight because my daughter is sick? They call back then." She replied, "Oh, well that's when it's an emergency. Is this an emergency?" I said, "Well, that's what I'm trying to find out!!" I was so annoyed. But she was nice after I explained what happened and I apologized for being a tad testy.


Marie said...

oh my gosh i am SO sorry! hope it gets better soon!!!

Maria said...

hey erin! so glad I found your blog :-) So sorry to hear about emma's hand - that sucks! kids get into crazy stuff! mine sure do :-P

Missy said...

Oh my goodness, so scary. Yah- that Dr. thing bugs me too!

Renee said...

eeeks!!! see, i warn my kids that can happen- now they need to believe me!! poor emma!