Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today was Emma's (my) turn to take snacks to preschool today. She chose grapes. Green and red. I had no idea how many grapes three-year-olds eat as a snack. But since they only ate about half of what I took, I now know that it's not nearly as much as I thought. Also, all snacks in the Sweeney house for the next week will be grapes.

2. After preschool, we went to the park. Awesome weather the last two days, we'll be hitting another park tomorrow after our church playgroup.

3. The park was my second attempt to get a nice fall picture of the girls. I got these two of Emma.

4. And this of Mackenzie. Not exactly what I was going for. But it's awfully cute. She was flying. Emma had been doing the same thing moments before, and of course Mac had to copy her.

5. We played peek-a-boo in the tunnel.

6. Mackenzie's hair is finally long enough for pigtails. (Shh, they still need a little help from teeny tiny barrettes. Don't tell.)

7. Attempt number one at the photos was yesterday in our backyard. Again, good picture of Emma.

8. And here's the munchkin. Hee hee. I love it! This is so her. If you've ever heard her laugh, you can hear it right now. This is the look on her face when she makes her loud, low, gravelly, adorable, evil laugh.

9. And of course I tried to get a picture of the two of them together. This was the best one. Even though it looks like Emma is strangling her little sister. She really wanted to put her arm around her for all the pictures and all Mackenzie wanted to do was get away!

And this one's pretty cute with the leaves.

10. So Emma is always doing this really cheesy smile where she crinkles her nose and her eyes disappear. I told her to think of something that makes her happy, thinking I'd get a big, natural, smile. I got this. It's cute. She told me what she was thinking about. It was funny, because it wasn't the answer you'd think you'd get from a 3 1/2 year old girl. Of course, now I can't remember what it was.

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Missy said...

The pigtails are adorable!!! Great pictures Erin!!

rachel m said...

your girlies are so adorable! and the pigtails - too much! (love the banner up there too) great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I love your new banner too! It looks great!

Stacy said...

Ok. I don't know why that weird number thing has popped up the last two days when I've left comments. Weird! ???

Julie said...

The girls are getting so big! Beautiful photos. Laughing about the grapes...