Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Five on Tuesday

1. Got this picture of Emma last Thursday at the park. I love it. And her shirt could not be more fitting.

2. Love this one's hair.

3. So we thought Emma had chicken pox. She's vaccinated, but on Saturday night she had a small rash that we all thought looked like chicken pox. After a visit to the doctor yesterday, it looks as though it's just a virus/rash that seems to be on it's way out. As long as that continues she should be going back to school Thursday which I'm so happy about - it's her Halloween parade. We missed Truck-or-Treat and the parade at the fitness center Sunday. Plus Saturday is Halloween and we were planning to have friends over and Sunday is Mackenzie's birthday and party.

4. Golfing.

5. After she fell off the tricycle on the driveway and got a nice bump on her head, she wears a helmet no matter what she's riding, big wheel included. Thankfully, she really likes the Dora helmet. She's very Dora here - helmet, outfit, bike.

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

That static hair picture made me giggle - just thought I'd let you know :)

angie ulseth said...

Brilliant idea - using child sized earbuds. I am definitely getting a pair. I can never keep mine in. I was ready to resort to wearing over the ear headphones (much to the embarrassment of my kids) when I walk, just so I wouldn't have to keep reinserting my earbuds. Thanks for sharing!