Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a week. And it's only Wednesday.

So it's Vacation Bible School week here. I'm teaching 4-year-olds. Mackenzie's in the nursery and Emma's in mini-VBS. Or rather that's how it should be. Mackenzie stayed home with Michael Monday and Tuesday because she had pink eye. Emma missed today because she's sick. The strep test came back negative, but some nasty virus has made her throat break out in white spots, given her a fever of 101.5 - 103.5, caused her to lose her appetite and basically feel terrible. She'll be missing the rest of the week. Michael's got basketball camp this week in the afternoon, which means while he can be here with the girls while I'm at VBS, I have to leave early to get home so he can leave to go to camp. Did I mention the garage sale at my mom's this weekend? Yeah. Friday and Saturday. After VBS, before I knew Emma's throat was a mess, we took over my garage sale stuff. She wasn't feeling great, just a low-grade fever, so I took movies and the plan was for her to lay on the couch while I would sort, price and organize everything with my mom and sister. Then I decided to check her throat after lunch and immediately made a doctor's appt. And it's only Wednesday.


Rebekah said...

sorry to hear about all the sickies going on at your house!! hope the girls get better soon so you guys can celebrate this weekend!! :)

Missy said...

awwwwww, such a bummer..feel better girls!