Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little gardener

Emma's been helping me garden. Let me just say I'm not a gardener. I would like to be. But my deathly fear of ants and general dislike of bugs makes this difficult. Still, I'm trying. Yesterday I actually pulled some weeds and roots without gloves. Seriously, such a big deal for me my mom even commented on it. We're doing some major work to our flower beds this year. Michael has pulled out about 10 dying/generally unappealing shrubs, we're resizing our beds, planting grass and new shrubs and flowers. I'm also attempting to plant some zucchini and squash. Now the odds of these growing big enough to actually produce vegetables are not good thanks to the deer that roam our yard and neighborhood. (It's like a wildlife park, seriously, we've got deer, groundhogs, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks.) But I figured I could attempt it since it's only a $4.5o (for plants) and $6.99 (for soil) investment.

Tonight Emma decided to garden and plant - her words. This consisted of scooping dirt into her bucket then dumping it back out. She was working hard. She and Mackenzie even have all the correct tools, albeit they are Dora, Diego, Backyardians and caterpillar themed. Have I mentioned lately what a cute three-year-old I have?

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Missy said...

Ben and Maya gardened yesterday. PS-I bought Laney that same shirt.

Julie said...

What a cute little gardner! I love deer! We had them at our other house, but not now.