Monday, June 08, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. We went for a walk last Tuesday night. A long walk. An hour a half maybe? With a stop at some friends so the girls could play. Mackenzie rode in the wagon most of the time, she loves it.

2. Then she got out and they ran for a while. I love this picture. Emma was trying to grab Mackenzie's hand but she was just out of her grasp.

3. I kept trying to get a picture of all four of us. Instead I got Michael making faces.

4. But this one made up for it. :)

5. Saturday was our neighbor Baby Jack's first birthday party. So technically he's not really a baby anymore but name seems to have stuck, at least with Emma. And me. While Jack was enjoying his smash cake...

6. Emma was sneaking spoonfuls of icing off his Cars cake.

7. Mackenzie's crazy slide hair.

8. Sunday we went to Columbus for a family graduation party. Emma did lots of jumping. Mackenzie did lots of climbing.

9. I'm so glad I got this picture. This is Emma's explanation face/gesture. Whenever she's telling us something in her serious voice, she scrunches up her shoulders and holds out her hands like this. It's hysterical. Here she was telling us Mackenzie was climbing up the ladder. Just in case we hadn't noticed.

10. Yesterday was Emma's first swim lesson of the summer session. And we missed it. I totally forgot all about it. Never even entered my mind even though it was on the calendar on the fridge which I looked at multiple times. Oops. Good thing she's got 7 more.


Missy said...

Yes! Saved by the Bell was my favorite!
Adorable summer pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

love the sliding down the slide hair shot! Saved by the bell - I only watched it for Zac Morris!