Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I signed up to be a bone marrow donor last night. I saw a thread on 2peas about the registry and was able to register for free. Now I wait for my kit to arrive, swab my cheeks and send it back. If you're interested: go here. I know in the Cleveland area right now there's a donor drive where with a promo code you can register for free. Check your area and you might have one too. Even without the code, it's not very expensive, especially considering you could save a life.

2. I signed Emma up for a program offered through our parks and rec program. It's a crafts/music class for 3 - 7 year-olds and today was the first day. First time I've dropped her off somewhere. She didn't mind one bit. Just said "Bye Mommy!" and went to play. Looks like preschool won't be a problem this fall.

3. Went to the pool this evening. Going back tomorrow morning. Love the pool. Don't love chasing Mackenzie all over. If only she'd stay in the pool instead of running around it.

4. The sickness is finally leaving our house. I'm the only holdout with a sore throat. It's much better though. I'm working out tomorrow for the first time in a week (b/c of VBS and the sickness) and I can't wait.

5. Father's Day. Didn't go quite as planned with some of us sick. But still a good day. I made Michael a mini-album (the one I posted Sunday) and we got him a slider grill pan. Makes 9 mini-burgers. Pretty neat. Did you know you can now buy slider buns? Saw them at the grocery store today. Happy Father's day, Michael!

6. We had a garage sale at my mom's this past weekend. I made $40. Might not seem like a lot. But compared the the $3.50 I made at the last one, it was a killing! lol! Mary and Hannah came over to visit. Really, Emma had fun playing with Hannah. Not that you can tell by the look on her face.

7. My birthday. Not only was Sunday Father's Day (did you notice this is not in anyway in chronological order?) it was also my birthday. The big 33. As I mentioned in #5, didn't quite go as planned. If possible, the day would've gone like this: nursery duty at church (only Michael and Mackenzie made it), lunch, pool, rest time/nap time, cookout with Michael's parents, ice cream cake. Still, it was a good day. A day with my girls and husband is always good. :) As was the cookie dough Blizzard DQ cake. Yum. (Hee hee, the cake says Happy Father's Day and B-Day. Not a lot of room, lol.)

8. My niece Shelby has a job. Her first. At an ice cream shop. She's so cute. We went up for ice cream Saturday after the garage sale/dinner.
9.I know I've mentioned Mackenzie and her climbing. But check this out.

Yep. She was trying to climb over the back of her high chair. Now where she thought she was going to go, I'm not sure.
10. Made chicken wraps for dinner tonight. Made them for the first time last week, recipe was on the back of a package of Kraft shredded cheddar cheese. (Tried to find it online but couldn't.) Super easy. Marinated chicken in italian dressing, grill it, put it in a wrap with diced tomatoes, red onion and cheddar cheese. Recipe also called for bbq sauce which Michael used but I left off. For me, italian dressing and bbq sauce just don't go together.
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Marie said...

sooooo glad you are all starting to feel better! and again, happy birthday ;)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Happy Birthday To You!