Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

This is the Mackenzie is 20-months-old on July 1st edition.

1. Mackenzie's still pigeon-toed. Still falling as evidenced by her nose, but falling less thankfully. Although this day she did fall twice, scratching up her nose and forehead. She's too fast for her feet.

2. She's loving corn-on-the-cob. She's had it before, but Sunday she was really into it. Although she kept eating it like an popsicle.

3. She loves the slide.

4. She loves playing with Emma. Just loves Emma actually. When she doesn't see her, she'll walk around calling her name. When she does see her, she runs up and gives her a hug. She does whatever Emma is doing, she's quite the copycat.

5. Still climbing.

6. Loves to tackle. And tickle. Gets them confused sometimes, we'll say "tackle daddy!" and she'll tickle him. But still more tackling than tickling. Plus her tickling is a lot like pinching. Which hurts.

7. Loves to push the stroller and shopping cart up and down the sidewalk and around the house. Also likes to sit in the shopping cart, although I don't yet have a picture of that. And see her pink Crocs? She loves them. LOVES them. Loves shoes in general. She's always wanting to put shoes on, even if we're just in the house. She's always bringing us shoes to put on, too.

8. Gives us this little stinker look all. the. time.

9. Is finally talking. A lot. She's adding new words every single day. She loves to way and say "hi" and "bye" as she's doing in this picture. Her other new words: bowl, Bree, Milk, Juice, House, baby, monkey, binky, ball, bucket, play, ride, bike, Daddy, Mommy, Emma, book, read, more, eat, please, Grandma, Benny (from Dora), shoe, Croc, help, here it is, hello, and her version of thank you. That's all I can think of now. They'll be a new word tomorrow. :) Which is so cool.

10. Is still Mommy's girl. Always wants me to hold her. Gives me kisses and hugs all the time. Sits with me. Hugs me. Clings to me. I love it.


Missy said...

It's just so bittersweet how they grow you know!

Shaun said...

Oh she is cute! She looks like she has a lot of spirit. Enjoy her while she is little.