Friday, January 30, 2009

It's 10:54 PM...

And this is what Emma's doing:

Coloring with her new 64 box of crayons. Why? Because I let her nap today - for 3 hours - and now she's wide awake. It's okay though, I got a nap in, too. :)

PS, we picked up the crayons tonight at Target, when we went to get her new big girl underwear. Dora, of course. The crayons were a potty bribe. Depending on how tonight goes, we're done with pull-ups. Although I will say, it is just a tiny bit annoying to be in line at Sam's Club only to have to get out of line, get Mackenzie out of the cart, all go in the bathroom, hold Mackenzie while holding the stall door shut for Emma while she goes potty. Don't get me wrong, I am soooo happy she's potty trained and that I'm not changing her diapers anymore. And I'm very pleased she told me she had to go instead of having an accident in the store and very proud of how well she's doing. But, let's all be honest, when the potty break comes at an inconvenient time, who hasn't sort of kind of wished for a pull-up. :)
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Missy said...

So I take it you weren't scrapping...Go Emma!!! Yay for Dora! I know the whole stop what you're doing and hit the store bathroom routine all too well!

rachelmarquette said...

naps sometimes come at a high price - but they are so worth it and maybe she will sleep in too!
oh the potty brides. The only thing that worked for riley - was gum!

Belinda Venables said...

Check out that snow! Totally amazing. I have never seen snow before. It is so hot here right now, so hard to imagine it cold.

I just added myself to the map thing you have - very cool! :)