Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

So, apparently, my Ten on Tuesday posts need pictures because last week there were none and it seems people only comment when there are pictures. I now present to you a very picture heavy Ten on Tuesday post. :)

1. We signed Emma up for preschool Sunday. The preschool had an open house and Emma loved it. Not that we were surprised by that. Nor were we surprised that she didn't want to leave. This was her trying to get as far away from me as possible when I told her it was time to go.

2. We were at my mom's last week when I took this picture of Mackenzie. Check out her bruises. Is it bad that we have no idea how she got them? She got the one on her cheek Tuesday night while I was home and the one between her eyes Wednesday night when Michael was home. Neither of us saw what caused them. Oops.

3. Again at my moms. Please note the amount of macaroni and cheese on the seat. Also note that this picture comes after the bath picture. That's because she ate (used loosely) the mac and cheese after the bath. Next time, bath after lunch because I ended up putting her right back in the tub.

4. Yep, still at my mom's. See the whole vanilla wafer in her mouth? My children have recently discovered vanilla wafers and love them. Don't even bother to bite them, just eat 'em whole.

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5. Emma can write her name now. Which means she's doing so all the time. On the magna doodle, in the bath, in her coloring books. This picture is the first I took, she was very proud of herself. But there's a glare.

Three pictures later I got this, but she'd lost a bit of the excitement. But no glare!

6. Anyone read JA Jance books? She was at our library for a book signing earlier this month. She's pretty funny. And tall. And there's my bad hair.

7. Emma got a Color Wonder book for Christmas from Michael's parents and it's her new favorite thing. We had to get another one because she filled up the first pretty quickly. Here she is teaching Mackenzie to color. Poor Mackenzie, she really just wanted to do it on her own but Emma had a death grip on her hand.

The color wonder book got taken away last night because Emma was coloring on the table. Good thing they only color in the books.
8. Mackenzie is now sleeping with a lamp on and, so far, has not had a bad night. No more crazy crying. Apparently, she's afraid of the dark.

9. Mackenzie would walk around with a tooth brush all day long if she could. It's real ugly when I take it away. Major fit gets thrown.
10. At Pizza Hut on a snow day earlier this month. Mackenzie thought she'd just climb up on the table. That's what they're for, to climb on, right?


Julie said...

Crawling on the table at Pizza Hut is a favorite around here too..

Missy said...

Ok, for some reason the first 3 pictures are not showing up for me....but I love the climbing on the table hee hee hee

Marie said...

seriously mackenzie is looking SO GROWN up with that big girl hair of hers! time is flying by way too fast...

Rebekah Price said...

how exciting that emma's starting preschool!!! :) and love her little handwritten name. so sweet! :) & i'm with marie...mck is looking so big!