Monday, January 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. I really thought I'd be able to stick to growing it out, but I don't think I can take it anymore. I hate it. It's awful. Ugly. A pain to do. Please, chop it off now.

2. I added the Followers gadget over there on the left. Feel free to follow. I'd love to have more than 2. :)
3. Got some new workout clothes. I said I'd never wear pants while working out. One, not so attractive on me. Two, I get hot. But after kickboxing and feeling like people could see my butt up my shorts, I decided maybe pants weren't so bad after all. So, I got a cute pair of foldover yoga pants at Old Navy (bonus - they hold your gut in) and another pair at Kohls. Plus some new workout shirts and a new sports bra.

4. Reason #2 for the new workout clothes - I have this theory that if I wear these cute, albeit a bit form-fitting, workout clothes, I'll be more motivated to workout and eat less crap and drink less dr. pepper so that I'm not so scary in them. Like I said, they're form-fitting yoga pants and form fitting-fitting shirts versus my not-so-form-fitting Chagrin baseball shirts.

5. I think I'm becoming addicted to Zumba.

6. I can't believe I haven't posted a picture yet.

7. Potty training is going very well. Emma seems to be getting #2 down pat, she's gone 4 days in a row! Woo hoo! And she had her first accident in well over a week today. She said she had to got potty but just couldn't get there in time. Seriously, she said it and one second later she was peeing. But the good thing is, she stopped it and held the rest until she got to the potty.

8. We've totally been bribing her, by the way. Right now she's working towards a 64 box of crayons.

9. Last week I cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets. Well, I still have the top shelf of one to go and two desk drawers. I've got two boxes for the garage sale. And last week Volunteers of America picked up three bags of clothes. Feels so good to purge and clean and then donate and/or sell at the garage sale. Hoping to make more than 75 cents. Yes, two years ago I made a whole 75 cents. I sold 3 CDs. Seriously, if I don't make more this year with all the stuff We've collected over the past two years...

10. Have I mentioned Mackenzie's the worst sleeper ever? Ugh.

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Maria said...

okay, you gotta post pictures of your new hair cut!!! :-)