Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. This past Saturday my niece Rachel spent the night with us. My sister and brother-in-law drove her over in the snow storm. Which really, by the time they came, had slowed down a bit and the roads were better.

Side note - I went to Zumba that morning but I didn't drive, Lisa did. (I actually called to see if they were even having class, it looked that bad out.) I was certain she wasn't going to make it up the hill to her house after dropping me off, the road was terrible. I thought for sure we'd have a repeat of this, mean tow truck driver story ,but we didn't. Although that incident did come up when we were talking to our neighbors. One of the Craziest. Thing. Ever.

Anyway, some pictures:

2. Mackenzie was moving around quite well in her snow suit. She loved it.

3. I know this is blurry, but I love the looks on Caroline and Emma's faces while Beth (Caroline's mom) pulled them on the sled. Pure joy.

4. I'm so not into American Idol anymore. Although I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date. Like when it's the Top 10. Maybe.

5. But I am in to 24. I really enjoy Jack Bauer. He rocks. I haven't yet watched yesterday's episode. If only Emma still napped. But we all know what happens when she does. It's not good.

6. Lost comes back soon! Very excited about that. I'm ready to be even more confused than I already am.

7. Thursday is Grissom's last episode on CSI. Very sad.

8. Do you watch Burn Notice on USA? Fabulous show. I really enjoy Michael Weston. Maybe even more than Jack Bauer because he's funny.

9. Apparently this is the TV edition of Ten on Tuesday.

10. I've been cleaning out and re-organizing my kitchen cabinets all week. I've got two boxes of items for the garage sale this summer. I've got a few more cabinets to go and then I'll be done. I threw out some things from 2005 today. They were a tad expired.

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Rebekah Price said...

yay! way to go...and on tuesday! :) *lol* i LOVE emma's expression in that first pic! haha! :) and then you totally lost me with all the tv talk, says your friend who's never at home when good shows are on. :)