Thursday, October 02, 2008

Picture Proof

Okay, so really, Mackenzie could just be standing in these pictures, but she wasn't. She was walking across the room. So stinking cute. She's getting pretty good at catching her balance, too. This morning my mom and I took the girls to get their flu shots (actually, Emma got the flu mist) and afterward we were looking at the waterfall in the lobby (Emma's favorite thing to do there) and Mackenzie was walking across the lobby and twice she started to fall but she caught herself and kept going. That was a really awful long run-on sentence that I'm not fixing. I'd say we're at 25% walking and 75% crawling and the walking % is fast gaining on the crawling %. If that even makes sense. Anyway, here she is last night.


Disclaimer: At no time was Emma actually in danger of drowning. I was there, Michael was there, the lifeguard was there - she was completely safe.
Funny Emma story #1. We took Emma swimming Tuesday after lunch, Michael didn't have school Tuesday so we took Emma swimming. Mackenzie went to Kid Park (their day care) because I wasn't sure how'd we do with both of them in the water when Michael is still recovering from his broken leg. Turns out it was fine and we can take both next time, since Emma can stand easily in the shallow end. She wasn't sure about it at first though, since it's quite a bit different than the outdoor pool but after awhile she started walking towards the deeper part. She got to where it came up to her mouth and I think she panicked a bit. I went to her and led her back to the shallower end and she told me in a very serious, and scared, voice "I was dribbling. I was dribbling, Mommy." I couldn't stop laughing. I know she meant drowning but she kept calling it dribbling. A bit later we wanted to take her over to the other side where they have little fountains and she wouldn't go at first. Why? Because "I'll dribble, Mommy, I can't." Too funny.

Funny Emma story #2 - she's been adding "y" to the end of words. As in "She's climbing the stairys, Mommy! I want a puffy (Gerber Puffs), Mommy. I want to take a bathy, Mommy." Where she got this from, I have no idea.
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Rebekah said...

whoohooo!! so glad she's up & going lots now! and love emma's new phrases with the "y"! :)
how did m's surgery go?