Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I may be one of the last ones to make a Wordle, but aren't they so fun? Now that I've made one, I'll have to make some more. Don't worry, I won't bore everyone with a Wordle-a-day, maybe I'll just stick them all in an album on the left.

(courtesy of

I did notice a few things after seeing it, though.

1. I obviously talk about Emma more than Mackenzie. That, or I only refer to Mackenzie without her name. Either way, she might need a bit more attention on the blog. We wouldn't want her to see this 15, 20, 25 years from now and complain about it for the next 15, 20, 25 years. Trust me, this happens. Ask my mom. Kids never forget. She's still hearing about naming my Alycea but calling me Erin. Seriously. You think I'd be over it by now, it's been 32 years. ;)
2. I think it's funny that crap is on here. I don't know why. And I know it's juvenile, but it makes me laugh.
3. I really say really too much.
4. Why is one so large? Maybe I should start saying uno.I do watch a lot of Dora.

If you make a Wordle, link me to it in the comments, I'd love to see them. :)


Katy said...

I hadn't done before either. Fun.

Niki said...

Apparently I use the word LOVE a lot, however I did it on my blog and it only has 3 posts so I'm not sure it counts :)

Megan said...

Here's my Wordle. I used my Wedding vows since I don't have a blog and we got married 2 months ago.


Julie said...

i haven't made one yet, so you aren't the last...i'm off to experiment!

Missy said...

That's fun!

doris said...

crap! lol . . . did you perhaps have to take a diaper change break while working on your wordle? :D

Mary Jo said...

You are definitely not the last :0)
I just saw the link on Katy's blog today, but have seem them around on various blogs!