Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ten on Today (since I'm not quite sure when I'll actually get this posted)

1.Sunday we went to this wonderful farm that has a fall family fun fest. It's huge. It was packed. And we had a wonderful time. There's a horse drawn hay ride; two corn mazes, one big and one small; a huge play area in the woods with slides and a big fort/wood bridge/play house; stilts; an area to paint pumpkins; concession stands with fair fries, fried apples and funnel cakes (those were really good!) two play houses, one like a school, one like a house; an area where kids can ride these wood cars where you steer with your feet and rope while someone pushes you and small figure 8 course where little kids can ride tractor trikes; tire swings and the best part was a huge pavilion with the floor covered in hay! You can also pick your own apples, or they sell them already picked along with pumpkins.

We went with our friends, David, Amanda, Brooke and Cheyenne. Here they are on the hay ride. Although there was no hay. So it was really a horse-drawn ride.

And here we are:

2. After the muddy and slippery corn maze, during which Emma tried to hug Brooke, causing them both to fall, I tried to take their picture. I'd say "Emma, stand by Brooke so I can take your picture." And she'd say "Can I stand here?" I'd say, "no stand back next to Brooke." And she'd move back two steps then say, "Can I stand here?" "How about here?" as she moved back two more steps. This was where she ended up. Silly stubborn, girl.

3. This had to be the best part of the whole farm - the hay pavilion. Slides, bales of hay, a hay free-for-all, jumping, running and utter chaos. Awesome. What kid wouldn't want to play here? I wanted to play here.

4. The really long slide. There were a bunch of slides in the woods, this one was built into the hill, there was one where you climbed into a hollowed out tree to get to and then farther down the hill there was this big fort with a wood bridge a house and a slide. So cool. Seriously, this place was a children's dream playground.

5. Mackenzie after I put her down a small slide in the hay play area. She actually was laughing when she went down but then she wasn't so sure about the sitting in the hay. Although she didn't seem to mind it when she was eating it earlier.

6. The figure-8 track for the little kids to ride tractors. Emma could reach the pedals though. In the back you can see the bigger track for the wood cars. The girls tried that but couldn't reach to steer since they're meant for older kids/adults. They were neat though.

7. The tire swing (that's in the hay pavilion). I couldn't get Emma to look at me. Well, eventually I did. But she was picking her nose, so I won't post that one. (Hey, you all know your kids do it too!) I love how Brooke is looking at her, totally laughing, yet looking a little scared! Kind of like "Hee hee, this is fun...I think!"

7b and stilts, just outside the hay pavilion (see how I'm tying these together so I can add one more number in my 10. Technically, I'd be at 11 now, but using a letter lets me cheat.)

8. Mackenzie just relaxing. And eating her sweatshirt. Because she eats everything. I used to say "everything but table food." but that's finally changing. And that's a post for another day. Crap, I just realized I never did her 11-month-old post.

9. And inspecting hay prior to eating it, as I talking about earlier. Check out how she's sitting. How in the world is that comfortable? She was doing it tonight, too.

10. So. As we were leaving, we walked through the store where they sell apples. Michael told Emma not to touch the apples. She grabbed an apple. He told her to put it back. She put it in her mouth. (Those who know my daughter and saying to themselves, "Of course she did.") I stood in line to pay for it but they were nice and said not to worry about it and Emma got to enjoy a really yummy Honeycrisp apple. She was kind enough to give me a couple bites on the ride home. She's all about sharing. Most of the time.


Rebekah said...

what a fun day!! love all the photos! :)

rachel m said...

sounds like a perfect fun filled fall day! hey - yes my kids pick their noses too. brady - the youngest - likes to stick both middle fingers up his nose at the same time and laugh!! it makes for such a nice picture.

Julie said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish I was there!!

Linda said...

I'm here for my serious girl cuteness indulgence! :)