Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten on Camping

1. Mackenize and I got sick during our camping trip. Wasn't horrible, just made the weekend a bit uncomfortable. Mackenzie had a little trouble sleeping because of it. She ended up sleeping on my chest or right next to me most of the night Thursday night, two different times Friday night and once for a bit on Saturday night. Emma was all over the bed, which is how she sleeps at home, I woke up more than once with her feet in my side or her practically laying on top of me. One time she woke up and saw Mackenzie and said "Hi Mackenize, hi my sister." and another she heard me blowing my nose and started laughing loudly then went right back to sleep. (Michael took this before we woke up, he slept on the futon. While not the most comfortable, he was child-free at least.)

2. Random cute pictures from this weekend.

Emma looking quite serious.

Claire hanging out on the bench.

She's really into climbing. She kept getting up on the griddle.

Mackenzie after climbing up on the slide all by herself. Again, more climbing.

Emma loved all the crap there was to eat this weekend. Especially the chips.

3. Our annual picture in front of our cabin. I think it'll be cool to have an album of just these pictures and be able to see how our family has grown and changed year to year.

4. Down by the lake.
Another family shot.

Michael and his brother Marty.
Charlie (Michael's parent's friend who along with his wife Sue go camping with us every year)pointing out something to Mackenzie. I really don't know what it was. I should've asked. It was really cute.

Abby, Claire and Marty

Mommy with her baby girl.

A rare picture of just me and Michael.

5. Mackenzie's been doing this crouch thing for a while now. Michael calls it her catcher stance.

6. At the playground. It was right across from our cabins so the girls played there a lot. That's pretty much all Emma wanted to do. As soon as she woke she'd say "Mommy, Daddy, it's daytime. Can I go to the playground now?"
Claire and Mackenzie

Mackenzie's crazy hair

Emma can go on the big swings, but still likes the baby swings. Especially if someone else is using them. :)
Everytime she goes down a slide on her back her hair looks like this.

7. My Brunswick stew. I finally made it. 2 1/2 years after having it while visiting family in Virginia I made it. (Hi Kelly, Hi Shirley) It was really good. Although I will say, cooking it in my crockpot like I did the other week is much easier than in a kettle over an open fire.
Mackenzie really liked it. Emma, didn't eat any. I wasn't surprised, she didn't like when I madeit the first time in the crockpot. Which, by the way, was my trial run. To make sure it would turn out okay.

8. I made 3 attempts to get a picture of Grandma with her girls and this was the best. It kind of looks 3D, like Mackenzie's jumping out of the picture.

9. Daddy and his girls. Check out Emma's face. Her "say cheese" look.

10. And while not really camping related, here's some Mackenzie updates. She's walking all the time now. I think I only saw her crawl once or twice today and not at all yesterday. She's getting much faster and better and walking over and around things on the floor like blankets and toys. Which is good, because the family room floor is rarely clear of all objects. She's done with baby food. Gave that up last week. It was like one day she woke up and thought, I think I'll eat table food today. Because prior to that she was really fighting the table food, didn't want it. She's probably only about 50/50 when it comes to getting it in her mouth but so far she'll eat anything we give her. She won't take formula in a sippy cup. She threw it on the floor when I tried yesterday, little stinker. We'll see how whole milk goes in a couple weeks. I've got my secret weapon though - Nesquick. It worked with Emma and was doctor suggested. She still hates waking up in her crib. I really wish she'd wake up and just play or talk or lay there or something liked Emma does but nope. She cries and screams until you get her out. This weekend (see, it is camping related!) she learned to give a kiss and to share her cup. If you ask her to give you a kiss she'll open her mouth and lean in until she makes contact somewhere on your face or head. She had her cup (of water, not formula) and after taking a drink she pushed it to my mouth and after I pretended to drink it she pulled it back and drank it. We did this over and over again, very cute.


Kelly B. said...

Yay for your Brunswick stew! Glad you enjoyed it.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but sleeping in a cabin is NOT camping! :) Think tents and no electricity...

Marie said...

yea for all the pictures! yea for the update...i miss you.

Rebekah said...

love this wk's 10!! great photos, girl! love all the family shots! :) sounds like you guys had lots of fun camping, once again...even with the sleeping arrangements & sickies. and i have to say i am totally impressed with the shot of you cooking over a fire. dude. you are amazing. i would be driving to the nearest chick-fil-a. :) *lol*

Wendy Bretz said...

love all the pics erin :)