Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. This one took 8 steps yesterday. 8. That's the most so far. It took a bit of trickery. We were holding on to one end of a piece of ribbon and she held on to the other and away she went.

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2. Today, I think the most steps she took were 3 or 4. But she was doing it on her own, without us coaxing her.

3. She can go from sitting to standing to taking a few steps all her own, without leaning on the couch/table/us.

4. Tomorrow (or today, depending when I get this posted) she's 11 months old.

5. Which means we're having a first birthday party in one month. Absolutely crazy.

6. Monday at the fitness center I thought this guy was going to run us over. (I know, total change of subject. But I'll be doing a Mackenzie's-11-months-old post this week so I'll save the rest of what I was going to write about her for that.) We were walking from our car to the fitness center when this car we were passing started backing up. I yelled something along the lines of "Hey hey hey hey hey!!" (Okay, so it was exactly that.) and he stopped. Then he rolled down his window and told me, as he was on his cell phone, (for the record, I talk on my phone in the car, but usually not when backing up/in bad weather, heavy traffic and making turns in busy intersections or on busy roads) "I saw you there. I saw you, I knew you were there." Hmm...so then why were you backing up? Did you really need to back up those 12 inches while I was behind you? You couldn't wait until I passed by? You HAD to do scare the crap out of me? It was annoying.

7. We had our ducts cleaned today, so there was this really big black tube that went from their truck down to our basement. Emma called in a trombone. Numerous times. I said to Michael, "I didn't know she knew what a trombone was." He said, "Obviously she doesn't."

8. I've discovered a great way to cut down on our grocery bill. Don't go grocery shopping. Of course this means Michael keeps having to take PB&J for lunch and I'm scrambling for dinners, but it's saved us money. ;)

9. Michael has to have surgery again Thursday. Nothing big, just to remove two screws. Hopefully within a month he'll be crutches and boot free.

10. Emma finally has something hung in her room. A shelf. She's been in this room since last August and I never hung anything up. But last week I got the shelf, one my dad had made for me a long time ago, painted and tonight Michael hung it up. Now to order this picture and three others from the same Etsy designer and hang them above her bed. I also have some letters that spell out her name to paint and get hung. And then her room will finally be done.


Rebekah said...

*yay for mackenzie!! how exciting that's she's starting to toddle around on her own...and being pulled a la ribbon. :)

*that's crazy that she's almost 1! wow!!

*i totally hear ya on the dude backing up! can he not wait a little 30 sec. for you and the girls to get by. sheez! did you ask if we was on some pump-me-up hyperactive steroid? he might be. :)

*haha!! crackin' up at emma's name for the big tube and crackin' up even more at michael's answer!!!

*PB&J. classic.

*sorry to hear he has to have surgery but at least it's a good kind of surgery. i hope you don't have to stare at 3674 forever. :)

*way to go with the decor in emma's room! i'm giving you a high 5 for the shelf but i'm a bit sad that the letters never got painted and on the wall. can't believe we forgot to do that! :) and what a FUN print for her room!! super cute!

love the 10 on tuesday! :)

Heather said...

I'm normally not a LOL kind of person, however twice while reading this I did just that! First was the trombone thing. Then the nothing big, just having some screws removed. LMBO!

darcy said...

I love the way you blog.. it's like I'm sitting right there as you tell me about it.. especially the story about the dude about running you over. =)