Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. This one discovered she can stand on the rocking chair. Thankfully she didn't fall. Although yesterday (or was it Sunday?) she was climbing on it and pulled it over on herself. Michael said she looked like she was in a cage, trapped under it. For the record, no crying occurred.

2. Emma is suddenly into me taking her picture. Like this, a self-portrait. I wish it wasn't blurry and that I could crop myself out because that's a really good picture of her.

3. Or like this. She asked me to take this.

4. But usually I get pictures like this. Where she smiles, says cheese but then doesn't wait for me to take it and looks away.

5. Mackenzie, just after waking up from her nap Monday.

6. Hanging out in our room. First Emma tried to shove Mackenzie off and when I yelled no and told her Mackenzie could climb on it she told me she had to share and they would sit together.

7. I'm doing a mini-album for Mackenzie this week, a "the week Mackenzie turned one" album. I'm taking lots of pictures of her throughout the day and writing down her schedule/what she eats/milestones/funny things she does. I'm putting up an album of the pictures over on the left if you'd like to see them. I'll post the album when it's done. Look for it sometime around, oh, late October 2009. Considering I still haven't done the journaling on the layout about Emma's first birthday. Seriously. I just got it out last week to finish it and it's just sitting there taunting me.

8. Michael and I went to a wedding in Pittsburgh this week. (Hi Leslie!) I only mention where it was because it meant we stayed overnight. Without our kids. Weird. Michael's parents came and stayed at our house. First night I've spent without Mackenzie. It was really nice to not be woken up in the middle of the night by crying (Mac) or bad dreams (Emma) and to sleep in. I got to wake up when I wanted to not when I heard crying (Mac wanting out of her crib) or lots of talking and singing (Emma). (In the interest of full disclosure, I don't get up early anyway. I wake up when they wake up which is usually around 8.) To eat without feeding someone else. It was wonderful to spend some time with just my husband. We hadn't gone out just the two us since our anniversary on August 9th.
9. I still don't know who I'm voting for.
10. We had our carpets and furniture cleaned today. Love having clean carpet and furniture. Hate waiting for it to dry. We spent a lot of time in the basement again. One more reason I'm glad we put carpet in down here this summer and turned in to more of a playroom/office/scrapbook space. Plenty of toys to keep them entertained and a soft and warm place for them to sit.
PS, I actually had a couple funny stories I was saving for today, and they weren't about my kids. Because really, I mostly post about them. And while I find them immensely interesting, it wouldn't hurt to sometimes blog about things other than my two wonderfulbeautifulcharmingfunnysillysmartadorable girls. But I forgot them. Of course I did. I forget everything. That in itself could be a blog post. But I'll probably forget to do it.


Linda Barber said...

You guys are so cute! And to eat dinner without feeding someone first? YES! My personal pet peeve, having other people reach into my plate without asking and grabbing food from it. LOL!

rachel m said...

oh erin! you make me laugh! look at your cute family! love that picture of you and your hubby. Couple time is so important -bonus for overnight stays and just feeding yourself! but that picture of mackenzie is classic! my 2nd is just plain ornery! cracks me up. Love the idea of the mini album for the 1st birthday - is she really going to be one? oh where does the time go. hey I hope you remember the stories -but our kids dominate our brains (and plates) right now - so maybe in a couple years you will remember! thanks for making me smile today!

Julie said...

I remember times when JB would get stuck in something and it would look like she was stuck in a cage too. haha! I don't know who I'm voting for either.

Maria said...

SUCH cute pictures, as always :-) Your girls are so beautiful!